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Born Innocent

98 min
IMDB rate:
Donald Wrye
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1974-09-10
Filming Locations: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Linda Blair
Chris Parker
Mary Murphy
Miss Murphy
Tina Andrews
Sandra Ego
Mitch Vogel
Tom Parker
Richard Jaeckel
Mr. Parker
Kim Hunter
Mrs. Parker
Janice Lorraine Garcia
Child at Funeral (uncredited)
Did you know?
Linda Blair was 14 when this film was made and 15 when it was released. However, the other girls at the reform school in the film were much older than the ages they portrayed. Two others who are credited were in their mid-20s when this was filmed, as Nora Heflin and Tina Andrews were 24 and 23, respectively, while Janit Baldwin was 18 or 19. All of these girls were older than Mitch Vogel, who was supposedly portraying her 20-year-old brother (he was actually 18 at the time).
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The rape scene was deleted after it was blamed for influencing a group of young girls to rape an eight-year-old girl with a bottle.
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After the edited re-airings in the 1980s, the movie disappeared from circulation completely. In 2004 VCI Entertainment released it on DVD with the rape scene intact, the first time it had been seen by the general public in 30 years.
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When Chris first comes out of the shower stall at the bequest of Denny (waving a toilet brush) and Moco, the two girls are standing close together to Chris's right and left, but a longer shot of Chris peering around them shows Denny further down from the stall.
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The map used in geography class is that of 1914 Europe.
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Counselor Barbara Clark: You lied...
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Chris Parker: [to Moco] Congratulations. The baby is dead.
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Photos from cast
Janit Baldwin Nora Heflin Allyn Ann McLerie Joanna Miles