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Bottoms Up

89 min
Comedy | Romance
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Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-09-12
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Jason Mewes
Owen Peadman
David Keith
Uncle Earl
Paris Hilton
Lisa Mancini
Brian Hallisay
Hayden Field
Jon Abrahams
Jimmy Desnappio
Phil Morris
Pip Wingo
Nicholle Tom
Penny Dhue
Raymond O'Connor
Frank Peadman
Desmond Harrington
Rusty #1
Kevin Smith
Rusty #2
Nick Nicotera
Nick (as Nic Nac)
Lindsay Gareth
Tim Thomerson
Aj Mancini
Dominic Daniel
Benjamin Anderson
John Toles-Bey
Joseph Barile
Tom (as Joey Barelli)
Tanja Reichert
Party Girl #1
Olivia Allen
Party Girl #2
Amanda Tepe
MU Aurora (as Manda Tepe)
Gillian Shure
MU Shayla
Jennifer Layton
Shelly (as Jennifer Lee Trendowski)
Tina Grieger
Adam Beach
Jesus De Jesus
Matthew Davis
Johnny Cocktail (as Matt Davis)
Johnny Messner
Limo Driver (as Jonny Messner)
Crack Dealer
Danny Cooksey
Minnesota Drunk Slob
Briana Evigan
High School Girl #1
Frank Bettag
Steam Room Old Geezer
Ian Shen
Crazy Town Director
Griff Furst
Crazy Town AD
Dean May
Crazy Town Actor
Robert Bagnell
Cole Brown
Manny Hernandez
Mexican Mover
Alex Miles Jr.
Studio Security Guard
Hamilton Mitchell
Big Wig
Ted Lange
Alan Woolf
Man Tits Bill
Zachariah Moura
Posse Guy #1
Brad Schmidt
Victoria Hoffman
Marry Berry
Jerry Gelb
Premiere Paparazzi #7
Simona Fusco
Ali Costello
Girl at Bar
Dita de Leon
Girl at Party #1 (as Dita De Leon)
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Crazy Town Mexican (as Thomas Rosales)
Brock Little
Crazy Town Mexican
Gene LeBell
Milt (as Gene Lebell)
Tom Harper
Mike Justus
Paparazzi (as Mike Justilis)
Tommy J. Huff
Joe (as Tommy Huff)
Gina-Raye Carter
Jimmy D's Groupie Girlfriend (uncredited)
Marc De'Antone
Mobster - Bath House (uncredited)
Richard Dunn
Homeless Man (uncredited)
Aldo Gonzalez
Break Dancer #2 (uncredited)
Natalie Hartman
Retail Girl at Cherry's (uncredited)
Harrison Held
Hollywood Scoop Cameraman (uncredited)
Jeffrey Kaiser
Earl's Friend (uncredited)
Libby Mintz
Movie Star's Date (uncredited)
Anne-Marie Mogg
Hollywood Scoop Reporter (uncredited)
Mario Orozco
Break Dancer #1 (uncredited)
Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
Homeless Woman (uncredited)
Michael S. Scott
Playground Tough Kid (uncredited)
Loretta Shenosky
Cafeteria Lady (uncredited)
Lora Starkman
Young Asian Model (uncredited)
Danica Stewart
Party Girl (uncredited)
John H. Tobin
Studio Executive (uncredited)
Kira Turnage
Premiere Guest (uncredited)
At the 52 minute mark, Jason Mewes's character is exiting a car, while exiting, the arm and boom mic pole is clearly visible in the rear passenger side car window reflection.
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At around the 80 minutes mark with Haden in the hot tub and Jason Mewes character conversing with him there are multiple continuity errors. Haden is alternately leaning against the wall on the close in shots and then not on the zoomed out shot. Also, the items behind Haden vary between a glass and two rolled joints then to just a glass, and finally just the two joints.
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Uncle Earl Peadman: Fuck me once, shame on you. Fuck me twice, you get the needle nose pliers bitch!
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Uncle Earl Peadman: Hollywood is... is... is a 10-story cock just fucking everything in its path.
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What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut?
The Director's Cut features approx. 90 seconds of extended footage, mostly scenes showing some female nudity. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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Photos from cast
Erik MacArthur