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Boxing Helena

107 min
Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller
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Jennifer Chambers Lynch
1 win & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1993-09-03
Filming Locations: 822 Lullwater Road, Druid Hills, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Opening Weekend: $787,724 (USA) (6 September 1993)
Gross: $1,796,389 (USA) Filming Dates 9 June 1992 -  July 1992 Copyright Holder Copyright © MCMXCII Overbrook Productions, Inc. Related Links
Julian Sands
Dr. Nick Cavanaugh
Sherilyn Fenn
Bill Paxton
Ray O'Malley
Kurtwood Smith
Dr. Alan Harrison
Art Garfunkel
Dr. Lawrence Augustine
Betsy Clark
Anne Garrett
Nicolette Scorsese
Fantasy Lover /
Meg Register
Marion Cavanaugh
Bryan Smith
Marla Levine
Kim Lentz
Nurse Diane
Lloyd T. Williams
Sam the Clerk
Carl Mazzocone Sr.
Erik Shoaff
Uncle Charlie
Lisa Oz
Flower Shop Girl
Ted Manson
Adele K. Schaeffer
Flashback Party Woman #1
Amy Levin
Flashback Party Woman #2
Matt Berry
Young Nick Cavanaugh
D. Taylor Loeb
Laura (uncredited)
Did you know?
Jennifer Chambers Lynch wrote the screenplay when she was 19 years old.
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The composition of the movie's promotional poster is a recreation of figure artist Ruth Bernhard's 1962 photograph, "In the Box (Horizontal)." The original is in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
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Ed Harris and John Malkovich were offered the lead role of Dr. Nick Cavanaugh. The role eventually went to Julian Sands.
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Helena's black dress changes specifically when she is walking through the fountain in her undergarments, as it is impossible for the black dress she wears in all other scenes of Nick's party to conceal the particular underclothing.
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The main character has an English accent, even though neither of his parents (both of whom are heard speaking) do, the story takes place in America, and it is implied that he grew up there as well.
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When Nick Cavanaugh is on the phone in a telephone box, the camera spins around the box. The reflection on all four sides of the phone box is identical indicating that the phone box is surrounded on all four sides by the same building with the same neon light.
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Helena: A woman is something soft; something warm when you feel her. When she's naked. When she's touched. Discovered. You see that things happen inside of her. She opens up. Sometimes a woman is sad. Sometimes she's angry. Helpless. Beautiful. Sometimes she's strong. She's still only that one woman. Talk to her - in deep whispers. Tell her what you're doing, what you see. Move slowly. Tell her you're inside of her. Tell her how it feels. Touch her. Use your tongue. Your breath. When she's about to come, she'll grab for you. But don't let her come. Make her wait. Tease her. Play with her. Make her feel. She may touch herself. She's so sensitive now. You can't be afraid. Take her. Take her.
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Doctor Nick Cavanaugh: Make a wish.
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Doctor Nick Cavanaugh: If you were a real woman, you'd lie to me about our sex.
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