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Brother Bear

85 min
Animation | Adventure | Family | Fantasy
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Aaron Blaise
Nominated for Oscar. Another 2 wins & 18 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-11-01
Filming Locations: Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
Opening Weekend: $291,940 (USA) (26 October 2003)
Gross: $85,329,248 (USA) (4 April 2004)
Joaquin Phoenix
Jeremy Suarez
Jason Raize
Rick Moranis
Dave Thomas
D.B. Sweeney
Joan Copeland
Michael Clarke Duncan
Harold Gould
Old Denahi
Paul Christie
Ram #1
Danny Mastrogiorgio
Ram #2
Estelle Harris
Old Lady Bear
Greg Proops
Male Lover Bear
Pauley Perrette
Female Lover Bear
Darko Cesar
Foreign Croatian Bear
Bumper Robinson
Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley
Inuit Narrator (voice)
Patrick Pinney
Additional Voice (voice) (as Pat Pinney)
Brian Posehn
Additional Voice (voice)
Phil Proctor
Additional Voice (voice)
Bob Bergen
Additional Voice (voice)
Rodger Bumpass
Additional Voice (voice)
Jennifer Darling
Additional Voice (voice)
Debi Derryberry
Additional Voice (voice)
Bill Farmer
Additional Voice (voice)
Hope Levy
Additional Voice /
Sherry Lynn
Additional Voice (voice)
Mickie McGowan
Additional Voice (voice)
Caitlin Rose Anderson
Additional Voice (voice)
Maxi Anderson
Additional Voice (voice)
Carmen Carter
Additional Voice (voice)
Randy Crenshaw
Additional Voice (voice) (as Randel Crenshaw)
Trey Finney
Additional Voice (voice)
Ben Johnson
Additional Voice (voice) (as Ben Johnson)
Bethany Johnson
Additional Voice (voice)
Luke Johnson
Additional Voice (voice)
B. Wyatt Johnson
Additional Voice (voice)
Amy Keys
Additional Voice (voice)
Rick Logan
Additional Voice (voice)
Susie Stevens-Logan
Additional Voice (voice)
Arnold McCuller
Additional Voice (voice)
Tim Mertens
Additional Voice (voice)
Josef Powell
Additional Voice (voice)
Lamont Van Hook
Additional Voice (voice)
Julia Waters
Additional Voice (voice) (as Julia Tillman Waters)
Maxine Waters Willard
Additional Voice (voice) (as Maxine W. Waters)
Oren Waters
Additional Voice (voice)
Willie Wheaton
Additional Voice (voice)
Fred White
Additional Voice (voice)
Terry Wood
Additional Voice (voice)
Terry Young
Additional Voice (voice)
Did you know?
The leader of the bears in the salmon run is a clear caricature of his voice actor, Michael Clarke Duncan.
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When Tuke makes up with Rutt after their falling out, Rutt suggests "Hey, you know what this calls for? A pile of delicious barley and amber wheat on a cool bed of malted hops, eh." As a celebration meal, to which Tuke replies "I like it.". The list is rough ingredients for beer. The characters are voiced by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas which play Bob and Doug McKenzie in 'Strange Brew' and the characters are self profest beer enthusiast.
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Two characters in Brother Bear (Tuke and Rutt) play "I Spy" while traveling on a mammoth. They both choose obvious items (in this case, a tree) and keep choosing it even when the other character knows what they chose. This continues a similar theme in many Disney branded movies (Finding Nemo, Dinosaur...) where characters do the same thing.
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In the closed-captions on the DVD, the narrator at the beginning and end of the film is ID'd as the character Sitka. The voice is Harold Gould and the character is actually Old Denahi.
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In the opening scene, the DVD subtitles identify the narrator as Sitka, when it is actually Denahi.
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While Kenai is falling of the ledge before he goes into the ice cave, his rope completely disappears.
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Kenai: You want to know what I did this year? I went on the longest, hardest, most exhausting journey I have ever been on, with the biggest pain in the neck I have ever met. Well, what do you expect from a little brother?
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Rutt: Hey, you know what this calls for? A pile of delicious barley and amber wheat on a cool bed of malted hops, eh.
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Kenai: Yeah, I'll probably get, like, a sabretooth tiger for bravery, or strength, or greatness, you know, something that fits me...
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