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Brute Force

98 min
Crime | Drama | Film-Noir | Thriller
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Jules Dassin
Country: USA
Release Date: 1947-06-30
Filming Locations: Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
Burt Lancaster
Joe Collins
Hume Cronyn
Capt. Munsey
Charles Bickford
Yvonne De Carlo
Gina Ferrara
Ann Blyth
Anita Colby
Sam Levene
Louie Miller #7033
Jeff Corey
'Freshman' Stack
John Hoyt
Jack Overman
Kid Coy
Roman Bohnen
Warden A.J. Barnes
Sir Lancelot
Vince Barnett
Jay C. Flippen
Richard Gaines
Frank Puglia
James Bell
Howard Duff
Robert 'Soldier' Becker (as Howard Duff Radio's Sam Spade)
Art Smith
Dr. Walters
Whit Bissell
Tom Lister
Guy Beach
Convict Foreman (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg
Convict in Yard (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks
Convict (uncredited)
Paul Bryar
Harry (uncredited)
Howland Chamberlain
Joe's Lawyer (uncredited)
Eddy Chandler
Chappie - Guard (uncredited)
Edmund Cobb
Bradley (uncredited)
Gino Corrado
Italian Father (uncredited)
William Cozzo
Prisoner (uncredited)
Rex Dale
Prisoner (uncredited)
Virginia Farmer
Sadie (uncredited)
Al Ferguson
Guard (uncredited)
Alex Frazer
Chaplain (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton
Prison Guard (uncredited)
John Harmon
Roberts (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood
Chef (uncredited)
Al Hill
Convict in Chow Line
Lee Kendall
Shorty (uncredited)
Rex Lease
Hearse Driver (uncredited)
Jack S. Lee
Sergeant (uncredited)
Will Lee
Convict in Chow Line
Jack Lomas
Convict in Yard (uncredited)
Kenneth MacDonald
Cell Check Guard (uncredited)
Hal Malone
Young Inmate (uncredited)
Frank Marlowe
Prisoner (uncredited)
Mathew McCue
Convict (uncredited)
Francis McDonald
Regan (uncredited)
Don McGill
Max (uncredited)
Larry McGrath
Convict in Chow Line
Charles McGraw
Andy (uncredited)
Howard M. Mitchell
Guard (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien
Convict (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor
Prison Guard (uncredited)
James O'Rear
Wilson (uncredited)
Blanche Obronska
Young Girl (uncredited)
Kenneth Patterson
Bronski (uncredited)
Jack Perrin
Convict (uncredited)
Jack Perry
Convict in Yard (uncredited)
Carl Rhodes
Strella (uncredited)
Sam Rizhallah
Convict Son (uncredited)
Robert Robinson
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Wally Rose
Peary (uncredited)
Gene Roth
Hoffman (uncredited)
Jerry Salvail
Guard (uncredited)
Ruth Sanderson
Ms. Lawrence (uncredited)
Tom Steele
Tom (uncredited)
Glenn Strange
Tompkins (uncredited)
Ray Teal
Jackson (uncredited)
Kippee Valez
Visitor (uncredited)
Dale Van Sickel
Guard in Machine Shop (uncredited)
Peter Virgo
Guard (uncredited)
Billy Wayne
Convict (uncredited)
Crane Whitley
Armed Guard in Drainpipe (uncredited)
Harry Wilson
Tyrone (uncredited)
Bud Wolfe
Guard in Machine Shop (uncredited)
Did you know?
Former Warner Bros. producer Mark Hellinger, who had started his own independent production unit at Universal-International, wanted Wayne Morris to star in his first picture, The Killers (1946). Warners wouldn't loan Morris out, so Hellinger cast Burt Lancaster, who had made his motion picture debut in "The Killers".
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The climactic scene in which Burt Lancaster throws sadistic prison guard Hume Cronyn from the guard tower became an iconic talking point of the film. This, coupled with Lancaster's film from the previous year _The Killers_, helped make the actor into a superstar.
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This caused quite a stir in 1947, shocking audiences with its levels of violence.
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During the fight in the guard tower between Munsey and Collins, guard Tom seems to have been killed, but the stunt actor Tom Steele who plays him is very clearly doubling Hume Cronyn.
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When discussing the hill attack during the war, the positions of the convicts change between the shots from outside the cell to the ones inside.
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When Munsey talks to Gallagher in the dining hall, the position of the hands of Jackson (the guard standing behind) change between shots. In the longer shot he is holding the baton with his hands on top of the baton; in the closer shot, his right hand is still on top and his left hand holds the baton from underneath.
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Joe Collins: [Spencer is wavering about whether to join in with Joe's escape plan] Spencer. In or out? No guarantees go with this break. It's all or nothing. But you've gotta' make up your mind now. Now! Either way, no hard feelings.
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Robert 'Soldier' Becker: But you know how the breaks go. With me, one rap lead to another. Anyway, I was never able to make it. Maybe this time.
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Dr. Walters: Important thing, witnesses. Lucky you asked me before exactly what time it was.
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Bobby Barber Ella Raines