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Burnt Offerings

116 min
Horror | Mystery
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Dan Curtis
6 wins
Country: USA
Release Date: 1976-10-18
Filming Locations: Dunsmuir House & Gardens - 2960 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland, California, USA
Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed
Burnt Offerings
Lee Montgomery
Lee Montgomery
Burnt Offerings
Karen Black
Marian Rolf
Burgess Meredith
Arnold Allardyce
Eileen Heckart
Roz Allardyce
Dub Taylor
Bette Davis
Aunt Elizabeth
Joseph Riley
Ben's Father
Todd Turquand
Young Ben
Orin Cannon
Jim Myers
Dr. Ross
Anthony James
The Chauffeur
Did you know?
In his DVD commentary, director Dan Curtis explains that he dropped an entire 15-minute opening with the family in New York, seeing the ad about the house for rent in the paper and Ben getting a parking ticket, because it was "boring".
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This is one of Stephen King's favorite horror movies.
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The house featured in this film would later be used as the funeral home in the film Phantasm (1979).
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When all the clocks move to midnight on their own, wires are visible pulling the hands around.
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When Ben chases Marian after they both emerge from the pool one night, suddenly Ben's swim trunks are dry.
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When Marian saves Davey from drowning towards the end of the film, she pulls him out of the water and her hair is soaking wet. Moments later, it almost dry & is scraggly.
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Ben Rolf: Marian, whether you come with us or not; tomorrow we're going back.
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David Rolf: I hate this place! I want to get of here. I HATE IT!
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Roz Allardyce: God when it comes alive - tell them, Brother. Tell them what it's like in the summer.
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Where was the movie filmed?
Filming was done at the historic Dunsmuir House in Oakland, California, built in 1899 by Alexander Dunsmuir and designed by San Francisco architect J. Eugene Freeman. A photo of the Dunsmuir House can be seen here. In the novel, however, the story takes place in New York.
Did Ben jump from the window or was he pushed?
This is another of those questions which has engendered considerable discussion. Just after Marian/Mrs Allardyce says, 'I've been waiting for you, Ben,' she is shown rising from her chair. In the very next scene, Ben comes flying through the window. Some viewers believe that Ben jumped out the window to get away from the horror that his wife had become. Other viewers believe that he was either pushed or flung by the strong force of the power contained in the house.
Who was the creepy chauffeur, and why was Ben having nightmares and visions about him?
The chauffeur (Anthony James) was the driver of the hearse at his mother's funeral when Ben was about 13-years old. In Ben's eyes, he looked like death, and Ben would see his face whenever he was ill or before going to sleep. Ben started to have visions of him again because they were being conjured by Mrs Allardyce as a way of stirring violent emotions, pain, and suffering in him.
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