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USA:90 min
IMDB rate:
Jim Field Smith
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-10-18
Filming Locations: Bossier City, Louisiana, USA
Opening Weekend: $70,931 (USA) (7 October 2012)
Gross: $70,931 (USA) (7 October 2012)
Ty Burrell
Garrett Schenck
Orval Flanagan
Kristen Schaal
Carol Ann
Jason Yudoff
Phyllis Smith
Judy Leavell
Helen Flanagan
Joe Chrest
Butter Fan
Deana Ricks
Butter Fan's Wife
Yara Shahidi
Kelly Tippens
Mrs. Moore
Dodie Brown
June Carmichael
Jeanne Evans
Mrs. Gunderson
Cindy Creekmore
Danielle Mattingly
Christine Scheller
Transitional Home Worker
Alicia Silverstone
Rob Corddry
Ashley Greene
Brett Hill
Corena Chase
Mrs. Schram
Hugh Jackman
Boyd Bolton
Mark Oliver
Martin Caswell
Andrew Daly
Radio Announcer
Pearce Colwell
Michael C. 'Mike' Allen
Corporate Employee (uncredited)
Jennifer Benton
Car Buyer (uncredited)
Charlotte Biggs
State Fair Patron (uncredited)
Zack Cassel
Fair Goer (uncredited)
Heather Cates
Laura's Fan (uncredited)
Cassie Tobin Chappell
Extra (uncredited)
Tracy Chappell
Extra (uncredited)
Laine Dubroc
Band Geek (uncredited)
Ted Ferguson
The Minister (uncredited)
Jed Fox
Fair Attendee (uncredited)
Shelli Fox
Fair Attendee (uncredited)
Jude Gavi
Fair Goer (uncredited)
Kevin A. Green
State Fair Goer (uncredited)
Rachel Greene
Miss Dairy - Betsy Lou Holt (uncredited)
Lindsey Hallen
Transitional Home School Kid (uncredited)
Rj Hanson
Technician (uncredited)
Juanita Harrison
Car Shopper (uncredited)
Herb Johnston
Iowa Farmer (uncredited)
R. Todd Jones
State Fair Patron (uncredited)
Avery Kelley
Art Class Kid (uncredited)
Austin Kennedy
Reporter (uncredited)
Michael Kober
Tony the Car Salesman (uncredited)
Joy Kate Lawson
Fair Goer / Grande Hall Child (uncredited)
Ryne Little
Transitional Home Kid
Aidan McFarland
Red Head Boy (uncredited)
Annaclaire McFarland
Art Class Student (uncredited)
Eric Kelly McFarland
State Fair Parent (uncredited)
Robin McGee
Clerk (uncredited)
Daniel Mignault
Art Class Kid (uncredited)
Daniel Nix
Fair Attendee (uncredited)
Jonathan O'Rear
Fair Person / Student (uncredited)
James Paul
Museum Spectator (uncredited)
Cynthia Riser
Parishioner (uncredited)
Shelby Schneider
School Girl at the Fair (uncredited)
Alice Searcy
Fair Goer (uncredited)
Keri Shahidi
Biological Mother (uncredited)
Lanie Taylor
Art Class Kid (uncredited)
Jody Thompson
Random Diner (uncredited)
David Lee Valle
Police Officer (uncredited)
Chevy White
Butter Fan (uncredited)
Did you know?
Jim Carrey was rumored to star.
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In the scene where Laura and Bob talk in the Pickler family carving cooler, in the background there is a butter sculpture of a man pointing. That is a replica of the statue of Green Bay Packers' legendary coach, Vince Lombardi, that is outside the atrium entrance to Lambeau Field.
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The incredibly hard to read URL in the Blu-ray "Deleted & Extended Scenes" clip "Destiny's Party & Painted URL" is a YouTube link to a movie tie-in spoof protest video "PETA protest at Red Ribbon Dairy - 1996" (YouTube ID: ex7caD1fb0E).
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You cannot handle butter sculptures with your bare hands - that's the temperature at which it melts.
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Laura's hand is shown in different places in shots when they announce her speech.
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Laura Pickler: [in photo op with Down syndrome children] I've always said that your people are the small flashlights that help the dark world find its lost car keys.
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Laura Pickler: I believe in America. I believe we are the best. I believe we're number one. And I won't apologize for that. My husband and I are survivors. We fought tooth and nail to get where we are today. How? The old fashion way, hard work and a can-do attitude. And here in the great State of Iowa, no less, where all great battles begin. My name is Laura Dean Pickler, and this is the cut-throat story of greed, blackmail, sex, and butter.
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Brooke Swinkowski: Listen, would you prefer it if I didn't enter this whole butter contest thing?
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How can I work as an extra on Butter?
The upcoming feature film 'Butter' is currently casting actors and extras in the Shreveport, Louisiana area. Filming begins April 17, 2010 and will continue through May 28, 2010. Jennifer Garner will co-produce and star in the film.Details Here:Feature Film Butter Casting Callhttp://www.extra-casting.com/2010/04/jennifer-garner-film-butter-casting.html
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Photos from cast
Jennifer Garner Pruitt Taylor Vince Olivia Wilde Molly Jane Sullivan Gavin Casalegno