Bye Bye Birdie
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Bye Bye Birdie

112 min
Comedy | Musical
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George Sidney
Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 2 wins & 3 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1963-05-27
Filming Locations: Joseph Le Conte Middle School, Hollywood, California, USA
Gross: $13,129,412 (USA) Rentals $5,600,000 (USA)
Bye Bye Birdie
Bobby Rydell
Bobby Rydell
Bye Bye Birdie
Janet Leigh
Rosie DeLeon
Dick Van Dyke
Albert F. Peterson
Maureen Stapleton
Mama Mae Peterson
Jesse Pearson
Conrad Birdie
Paul Lynde
Harry McAfee
Mary LaRoche
Doris McAfee
Michael Evans
Claude Paisley
Robert Paige
Bob Precht
Gregory Morton
Maestro Borov
Bryan Russell
Randolph McAfee
Milton Frome
Mr. Maude
Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan
Ben Astar
Ballet Manager
Trudi Ames
Frank Albertson
Sam - The Mayor
Beverly Yates
Mayor's Wife
Frank Sully
Maude's bartender
Bo Peep Karlin
Ursula's Mother
Melinda Marx
Mell Turner
Gil Lamb
Lanky Shriner
Lee Aaker
Student leader
Karel Shimoff
Prima Ballerina
Donald Lawton
Russian Consul
Yvonne White
Telephone Operator
Ray Bloch
Orchestra Leader (uncredited)
Lesley-Marie Colburn
Featured Dancer (uncredited)
John Daly
John Daly (uncredited)
Kim Darby
Teenager (uncredited)
Ric de Azevedo
Teenager (uncredited)
Sheila Dehner
Sheila (uncredited)
Cyril Delevanti
Mr. Nebbitt (uncredited)
Lynn Fields
Teenager (uncredited)
Stephanie Gorman
Teenager (uncredited)
Joe Gray
TV Director (uncredited)
Ralph Hart
Teenager (uncredited)
Linda Henning
Teenager (uncredited)
Bruce Hoy
Featured Dancer (uncredited)
Elaine Joyce
Teenager (uncredited)
Jack Konzal
Featured Dancer (uncredited)
Bert May
Dancing Shriner (uncredited)
Pete Menefee
Harvey Johnson (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Laughing Backstage Extra (uncredited)
Melody Patterson
Teenager (uncredited)
Justin Peters
Sycophant Boy (uncredited)
The Ray Bloch Orchestra
Orchestra (uncredited)
Evelyn Rudie
Teenager (uncredited)
Hazel Shermet
Marge - Birdie's Secretary (uncredited)
Michael Smith
Teenager (uncredited)
George Spicer
Tommy (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey
Man at Ed Sullivan Show (uncredited)
Martin E. Wade
Teenager (uncredited)
Dick Winslow
Leader of Fireman's Band (uncredited)
Lorene Yarnell Jansson
Hugo's Dance Partner at Soda Shop (uncredited)
Did you know?
Supposedly at a dinner party celebrating the completion of the film, either Maureen Stapleton or Paul Lynde (the story would make sense featuring either of them) stood up and said, "Ann-Margret, I want you to know that I'm the only person who worked on this film who doesn't want to [have carnal relations with] you.
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Feature-film debut of Dick Van Dyke, Kim Darby, and Melody Patterson. (The latter two appear as extras.)
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Director George Sidney was so taken with the talent of Ann-Margret that when the film was edited he went to Columbia's executives and proposed the opening and closing bumpers that would showcase her. They refused to pay for any additional filming so Sidney rented the studio and crew at his own expense. He then asked the composers to come up with a title song. Ann-Margret's skirt-flipping/hair-tossing rendition of the song was filmed six months after principal photography was completed at a cost of $60,000, which was repaid to Sidney after the movie, and Ann-Margret, became a sensation.
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After singing the final line of "One Boy," Rosie sits down on the balcony steps and wraps her arms around a support post. As the camera pulls away near a tree branch, the film cuts to a different take and Rosie's hands aren't in the same position as they were a split second before.
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The turtle that zooms off a table and out a door is clearly a prop mounted on top of a dolly several inches thick that holds the turtle above the table and floor. The prop must have wheels as it slides so smoothly across the floor.
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After Albert gives the pet turtle the initial version of the "Speed-Up" drug and the turtle speeds across the floor, then up the steps to the front door, reflections of the teens entering the door can be seen in the glass plate that they used to allow the turtle to get up the stairs.
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Randolph MacAfee: I respect ya, Papa!
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Harry McAfee: No matter how many millions I make selling Speed-Up, I'll still be the same humble, lovable guy I always was. And if any of those hicks try to push me around, I'll break 'em.
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Harry McAfee: That's my favorite brand.
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Ann-Margret Bobby Rydell