Captains and the Kings
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Captains and the Kings

540 min | 60 min (9 episodes)
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Won Golden Globe. Another 2 wins & 8 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1976-09-30
Filming Locations: 2421 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California, USA
Richard Jordan
Richard Jordan
Captains and the Kings
Patrick Labyorteaux
Patrick Labyorteaux
Captains and the Kings
Harvey Jason
Harry Zieff
Patty Duke
Bernadette Hennessey Armagh
Blair Brown
Elizabeth Healey Hennessey
Robert Vaughn
Charles Desmond
Perry King
Rory Armagh
Katherine Crawford
Mary Armagh / ... (4 episodes, 1976)
Jane Seymour
Marjorie Chisholm / ... (4 episodes, 1976)
Bernard Behrens
Gentleman (4 episodes, 1976)
Cynthia Sikes
Claudia / ... (4 episodes, 1976)
Charles Durning
Ed Healey
David Huffman
Sean Armagh (3 episodes, 1976)
Terry Kiser
Courtney Wickersham
Vic Morrow
Tom Hennessey
Barbara Parkins
Martinique (3 episodes, 1976)
Joanna Pettet
Katherine Hennessey (3 episodes, 1976)
Doug Heyes Jr.
Kevin Armagh (3 episodes, 1976)
Jenny Sullivan
Honora Houlihan
Beverly D'Angelo
Miss Emmy (3 episodes, 1976)
Peter Donat
Clair Montrose
Henry Fonda
Sen. Enfield Bassett
John Houseman
Judge Newell Chisholm
Celeste Holm
Sister Angela
Joe Kapp
Strickland (2 episodes, 1976)
Ann Dusenberry
Anne-Marie (2 episodes, 1976)
Rod Haase
Mace / ... (2 episodes, 1976)
Charles H. Gray
Captain Calvin (2 episodes, 1976)
Charles O. Lynch
Hotel Clerk (2 episodes, 1976)
Roberta Storm
Mrs. Calvin (2 episodes, 1976)
Did you know?
Beverly D'Angelo's debut.
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The story follows an Irish immigrant's rise from poverty to power. Though set a generation earlier, it is obviously inspired by the Kennedy clan with Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh [Richard Jordan] in the role of clan patriarch Joeseph Kennedy. Some of the parallels include Armagh as a blockade runner during the Civil War - Kennedy was reputed to be a rum-runner. Armagh married a senator's daughter - Kennedy married a Boston mayor's daughter. Armagh lost a son in the Spanish American War - Kennedy a son in World War II. Armagh's daughter was brain damaged in a horse-riding accident - Kennedy's daughter was born mentally handicapped. Both Armagh and Kennedy had sons assassinated while running for president.
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Producer Jo Swerling Jr. remembers "We had a lovely young actress named Beverly D'Angelo doing a love scene with Harvey Jason. It was your typical TV shot across her back to Harvey as she lets the negligee drop to the ground, and she's standing there naked. Then we did closeups of Harvey, and then of Beverly. And in Beverly's closeup we put a TV matte on the lens so that our matted field of vision would cut just at the nipple line; that was it was obvious that she was nude, but you didn't see any nipple. However, when the show was telecast, there were in the new TV sets variances in the field of vision, and half the sets in the country saw more of Beverly than the other half. The following morning, we got a panic call from Broadcast Standards that we had violated the nudity ban and that more people saw Beverly's nipples than didn't. But nobody complained. Nobody but the censors. The upshot was that we were told not to cut it that close in the future."
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Richard Jordan Patrick Labyorteaux
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