Carry on Girls
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Carry on Girls

88 min
Comedy | Romance
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Gerald Thomas
Country: UK
Release Date: 1973-11-09
Filming Locations: Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK
Margaret Nolan
Margaret Nolan
Carry on Girls
Joan Sims
Joan Sims
Carry on Girls
Sidney James
Sidney Fiddler
Barbara Windsor
Hope Springs
Kenneth Connor
Mayor Frederick Bumble
Bernard Bresslaw
Peter Potter
June Whitfield
Augusta Prodworthy
Peter Butterworth
Jack Douglas
Patsy Rowlands
Mildred Bumble
Joan Hickson
Mrs. Dukes
David Lodge
Police Inspector
Valerie Leon
Patricia Potter
Angela Grant
Miss Bangor
Wendy Richard
Ida Downs
Arnold Ridley
Alderman Pratt
Robin Askwith
Larry Prodworthy
Patricia Franklin
Brian Osborne
First Citizen
Bill Pertwee
Fire Chief
Marianne Stone
Miss Drew
Brenda Cowling
Zena Clifton
Susan Brooks
Mavis Fyson
Francis Cake (as Mavise Fyson)
Laraine Humphrys
Eileen Denby
Pauline Peart
Gloria Winch
Caroline Whitaker
Mary Parker
Barbara Wise
Julia Oates
Carol Wyler
Maureen Darcy
James Logan
Cecil Gaybody
Billy Cornelius
Police Constable (uncredited)
Shirley English
Woman Liberator of Fircombe (uncredited)
Hugh Futcher
Second Citizen (uncredited)
Michael Nightingale
City Gent on Tube (uncredited)
Edward Palmer
Elderly Resident (uncredited)
Ron Tarr
Bearded Audience Member (uncredited)
Cy Town
Press photographer (uncredited)
Elsie Winsor
Cloakroom Attendant (uncredited)
Fred Wood
Audience Member (uncredited)
Did you know?
There is an in-house joke at Rank Film Distributors when Joan Sims' character crashes into a gong.
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The role of the Police Inspector was offered to Bill Maynard who withdrew due to TV commitments.
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Clarges Hotel on Brighton seafront, used for the hotel exteriors, was then owned by Dora Bryan.
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When Connie Philpotts says, "You lecherous so and so," her lips do not move.
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Sid chats to Ida Downs in the hotel reception area, Larry can be seen standing with his arms folded across his chest, next to Sid, staring directly at Ida. In the very next side angle shot Larry puts his hand to his mouth, but in the next forward shot he's back with his arms folded once again and so on.
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In the nursery opening scene, when the babies start crying and the nurses rush to comfort them, the nearest one is a doll (the other "babies" aren't really visible but are probably also just dolls)
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Hope Springs: It's not her fault she has to wear a falsie.
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Miss Dawn Brakes: Excuse me, is this the train to the beauty contest?
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Ida Downs: What do you want us to wear?
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Sally Geeson Margaret Nolan Joan Sims
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