Cattle Queen of Montana
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Cattle Queen of Montana

88 min
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Allan Dwan
Country: USA
Release Date: 1954-11-18
Filming Locations: Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
Cattle Queen of Montana
Ronald Reagan
Gene Evans
Tom McCord
Lance Fuller
Anthony Caruso
Jack Elam
Yvette Duguay
Starfire (as Yvette Dugay)
Morris Ankrum
J.I. 'Pop' Jones
Chubby Johnson
Nat Collins
Myron Healey
Rodd Redwing
Powhani (as Rod Redwing)
Paul Birch
Col. Carrington
Byron Foulger
Land Office Clerk
Burt Mustin
Dorothy Andre
Bob Burrows
Wayne Burson
John L. Cason
Bill Coontz
Indian (uncredited)
Danny Fisher
Roy Gordon
Bit (uncredited)
Jonathan Hale
Betty Hanna
Customer (uncredited)
Riza Royce
Customer (uncredited)
Ralph Sanford
Store Clerk (uncredited)
Tom Steele
Harry Tyler
Telegraph Operator (uncredited)
Bob Woodward
Did you know?
The role of Farrell was originally offered to Robert Mitchum, who turned it down because he didn't like the script. It was then offered to Ronald Reagan, who took it.
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In Back to the Future (1985), when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) first enters Hill Valley on November 12, 1955, this film is playing at the local cinema, the Town Theater.
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The film was originally supposed to have a theme song. Composer Louis Forbes wrote a melody and asked noted Western songwriter Bob Nolan to contribute lyrics. The song, 'Montana,' was not used in the film, but Nolan's former group the Sons of the Pioneers recorded it.
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Colorados: And you go back to your settlement. Tell them that there are Indians who do not wish death to all whites... but peace.
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Tom McCord: No notches?
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Red Lance: My son, the time is not far when you must wear this buffalo helmet which is now mine. Your worries will be great, your problems will be many, but the greatest is not how to deal with the whites... but how to keep your own tribe together. Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Permalink Hide options Colorados: The first thing you must learn from a white man is never ask reason.
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Barbara Stanwyck