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143 min
Biography | Drama
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Richard Attenborough
Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 3 wins & 11 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1993-01-08
Filming Locations: Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
Budget: $31,000,000
Gross: $9,493,259 (USA)£1,813,792 (UK)
Geraldine Chaplin
Hannah Chaplin
Paul Rhys
Sydney Chaplin
John Thaw
Fred Karno
Moira Kelly
Hetty Kelly
Anthony Hopkins
George Hayden
Dan Aykroyd
Mack Sennett
Marisa Tomei
Mabel Normand
Penelope Ann Miller
Edna Purviance
Kevin Kline
Douglas Fairbanks
Maria Pitillo
Mary Pickford
Milla Jovovich
Mildred Harris
Kevin Dunn
J. Edgar Hoover
Deborah Moore
Lita Grey
Diane Lane
Paulette Goddard
Nancy Travis
Joan Barry
James Woods
Joseph Scott
Hugh Downer
Charlie Age 5
Nicholas Gatt
Sydney Age 9
Bill Paterson
Stage Manager
Anthony Bowles
Bryan Coleman
Howard Lew Lewis
Workhouse Official (as Howard 'Lew' Lewis)
P.H. Moriarty
Workhouse Official
Brian Lipson
Alan Ford
Thomas Bradford
Charlie Age 14
Liz Porter
Ultan Ely-O'Carroll
Rummy Binks
Marcus Eyre
Anwar Adaoui
Lambeth Kid
Ben Bilson
Lambeth Kid
Matthew Cartwright
Lambeth Kid
Ian Covington
Lambeth Kid
Adam Goodwin
Lambeth Kid
Milly Gregory
Lambeth Kid
Sam Holland
Lambeth Kid
Josh Maguire
Lambeth Kid
Daniel Sherman
Lambeth Kid
Luke Strain
Lambeth Kid
Frankie Sullivan
Lambeth Kid
Karen Salt
Little Girl
Gerald Sim
Una Brandon-Jones
Audrey Leybourne
Graham Sinclair
Master of Ceremonies
Karen Lewis
Yankee Doodle Dancer
Andrée Bernard
Yankee Doodle Dancer (as Andree Bernard)
Carole Jahme
Yankee Doodle Dancer
Jacqueline Leonard
Yankee Doodle Dancer
Claire Perriam
Yankee Doodle Dancer
Theresa Petts
Yankee Doodle Dancer
David Gant
London Maitre d'
Mary Healey
Mrs. Karno
Malcolm Terris
Phil Brown
Matthew Cottle
Stan Laurel
Ena Baga
David Duchovny
Rollie Totheroh
Mario Govoni
Swiss Butler
David Mooney
Wedding Photographer
C.J. Golden
Bride's Mother
Raymond Lynch
Bride's Father
Peter Georges
Mike Randleman
Groom's Mother
Mike Peluso
Groom's Father
Caroline Cornell
Wedding Guest
Ann Fairlie
Wedding Guest
Paul Hayes
Wedding Guest
Dennis Vero
Wedding Guest
Francesca Buller
Minnie Chaplin
Nick Corello
Richard Fast
Bronco Billy Anderson
Brad Blumenthal
Party Photographer (as Brad Parker)
Yoshio Be
Peter Crook
Frank Hooper
David Totheroh
Jack Totheroh
Jack Ritschel
William Randolph Hearst
Heather McNair
Marion Davies
Laura Bastianelli
Dinner Guest
Joy Claussen
Dinner Guest
Paul Bruno Grenier
Dinner Guest
Marykate Harris
Dinner Guest
Charles Howerton
Dinner Guest
Jason Logan
Dinner Guest
Renata Scott
Dinner Guest
Michael Villani
Dinner Guest (as Mike Villani)
Jerry Jensen
Hotel Porter (as Jerry Jenson)
Larry Randolph
Alan Charof
Federal Marshal (as Alan Charoff)
Dana Craig
Federal Marshal
Kennedy Grant
Federal Marshal
Ken Magee
Federal Marshal
Benjamin Whitrow
Station Master (as Ben Whitrow)
Edward Crangle
Young Autograph Hunter
Stuart Richman
Mark Vegh
Caroline Guthrie
Courting Couple
Lawrence Lambert
Courting Couple
Robert Stephens
Ted the Drunk
Tim Chaplin
Working Man
Nick Edmett
Working Man
David Finch
Working Man
Mark Long
Working Man
Tommy Wright
Working Man
Leonard Kirby
Young Fan
Sean O'Bryan
Lewis Seeley
Donald Elson
Prop Man
Donnie Kehr
Sound Engineer
Sky Rumph
Charles Chaplin jr. Age 7
Bradley Pierce
Sydney Chaplin jr. Age 8
Richard James
William Dennis Hunt
US Maitre D'
Michael Blevins
David Raksin
Norbert Weisser
German Diplomat
Vicki Frederick
Party Guest
Gene Wolande
Party Guest
Michael Adler
Party Guest
Iris Bath
Party Guest
Thomas K. Belgrey
Party Guest
Tom Preston
Party Guest
Mary Stark
Party Guest
Annie Waterman
Party Guest
Noah Lee Margetts
Clapper Boy (as Noah Margetts)
Rhett Smith
Tennis Party Guest
John Standing
Michael A. Goorjian
Charles Chaplin Jr (as Michael Goorjian)
Michael Cade
Sydney Chaplin Jr
Todd Mason Covert
Phil Forman
Charley J. Garrett
Jerry Giles
Howard Hughes
Jayson Kane
Michael Miller
John Otrin
J. Michael Patterson
Paul Sinclair
Terrence Stone
Ralph Votrian
Emma Lewis
Production Assistant
Sacha Bennett
Unidentified Role (uncredited)
Kenneth W Caravan
Covent Garden Clerk (uncredited)
Charles Chaplin
The Little Tramp
Virginia Cherrill
A Blind Girl (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jackie Coogan
The Kid
Ken Gehrig
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Paulette Goddard
A Gamine (archive footage) (uncredited)
John Glenn Harding
Movie Patron (uncredited)
Adolf Hitler
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Bruce Holman
Beach Party Guest (uncredited)
Kirk Jordan
Tennis Pro (uncredited)
Vivien Latham
Silent Movie Actress (uncredited)
John Howard Lawson
Himself - Testifies Before HUAC (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jack Lemmon
Himself - Oscar Sequence (archive footage) (uncredited)
Walter Matthau
Himself - Oscar Sequence (archive footage) (uncredited)
Joseph McCarthy
Himself - Baits Reds (archive footage) (uncredited)
David Lee McLain
Keystone Fireman (uncredited)
Charles D. Miller
Party Guest at Douglas Fairbanks' Mansion (uncredited)
Annie Muñoz
Daughter of Movie Star (uncredited)
Pauline Olsen
Charlie's Secretary (uncredited)
Lance Patrick
Joe (uncredited)
Robert Peters
Great Dictator Cinematographer (uncredited)
David Robinson
Douglas Fairbanks' Manservant (uncredited)
Jessica Russell
Shirley (uncredited)
Reuven Russell
Waiter (uncredited)
Bob Sallese
Token Male Juror (uncredited)
Julius Schaub
Himself - Behind Hitler (archive footage) (uncredited)
Marc Ian Sklar
Parking Attendent (uncredited)
Mack Swain
Big Jim McKay
Daniel Taradash
Himself - Oscar Sequence (archive footage) (uncredited)
Philip Waley
Man at Train Station (uncredited)
Laurel Whitsett
Script Girl (uncredited)
Brad Yates
Paul (uncredited)
Did you know?
Kevin Kline was originally considered by Richard Attenborough to play Chaplin. Kline originally turned down the role of Douglas Fairbanks because his child had just been born. Attenborough agreed to delay the shooting of Kline's scenes for a month.
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John Goodman and Winona Ryder were attached to this project at one time.
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Released 15 years to the day of Charles Chaplin's death.
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When Douglas Fairbanks swings down on the rope to meet Charlie, his foot is inside a loop at the end of the rope when he starts the swing in the wide shot, but when he lands in the tight shot, his foot is nowhere near the loop. Also the momentum created by the swing would have carried him much further than it actually did, i.e he wouldn't have stopped where Charlie was standing.
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While Chaplin is incorrectly depicted playing the violin right-handed (he was a left-handed musician), Chaplin wrote with his right hand.
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When Charlie and his brother visit Fred Karno for Charlie's "interview", the opening shot shows a river with still water and a paddle steamer moves from left to right. The boat is moving a good deal faster than the paddle wheel is moving suggesting another power source.
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George Hayden: But you didn't even kiss her!
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Charlie Chaplin: [after watching newsreel footage of Adolf Hitler to study Hitler's mannerisms and patterns of speech, in preparation for "The Great Dictator"] I know you... you bastard!
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Paulette: Did you lose your other wives this way?
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Robert Downey Jr.