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Charlie Wilson's War

102 min
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Mike Nichols
Nominated for Oscar. Another 7 wins & 18 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-12-21
Filming Locations: Downey Studios - 12214 Lakewood Boulevard, Downey, California, USA
Budget: $75,000,000
Opening Weekend: $15,952,430 (USA) (23 December 2007)
Gross: $66,636,385 (USA) (2 March 2008)
Amy Adams
Charlie Wilson's War
Kirby Mitchell
Kirby Mitchell
Charlie Wilson's War
Jud Tylor
Jud Tylor
Charlie Wilson's War
Tom Hanks
Charlie Wilson
Julia Roberts
Joanne Herring
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Gust Avrakotos
Terry Bozeman
CIA Award Presenter
Brian Markinson
Paul Brown
Hilary Angelo
Cyia Batten
Ed Regine
Limo Driver
Daniel Eric Gold
Emily Blunt
Jane Liddle
Peter Gerety
Larry Liddle
Wynn Everett
Receptionist - Charlie's Angels
Mary-Bonner Baker
Marla - Charlie's Angels (as Mary Bonner Baker)
Rachel Nichols
Suzanne - Charlie's Angels
Shiri Appleby
Jailbait - Charlie's Angels
P.J. Byrne
Jim Van Wagenen
John Slattery
Thomas Crawford
Maintenance Man
Joe Roland
Patrika Darbo
Carly Reeves
Slave Girl
Salaheddine Ben Chegra
Pakistani Steward (as Salaheddine Benchegra)
Om Puri
President Zia
Faran Tahir
Brigadier Rashid
Rizwan Manji
Colonel Mahmood
Maurice Sherbanee
Refugee In Wheelchair (as Maurice Sherbanée)
Salam Sangi
Refugee Building Wall
Navid Negahban
Refugee Camp Translator
Mozhan Marnò
Refugee Camp Translator #2
Michael Saba
Afghan Boy (as Habib Saba)
Nadia Miller
Afghan Girl
Michelle Arthur
Refugee Camp Nurse
Shila Ommi
Refugee Mother (as Shila Vossugh Ommi)
Edward Hunt
Embassy Marine
Michael Haley
Embassy Official (as R.M. Haley)
Denis O'Hare
Harold Holt
Michael Spellman
Agent Patrick
Russell Edge
Agent Wells
Christopher Denham
Mike Vickers
Joseph Sikora
Chess Player
Gabriel Tigerman
Chess Player
Patrick Bentley
Chess Player
Marc Pelina
Chess Player
Ken Stott
Tracy Phillips
Aharon Ipalé
Egyptian Defense Minister (as Ipalé)
Ned Beatty
Doc Long
Mary Bailey
Doc Long's Secretary
Trish Gallaher Glenn
Joanne's Assistant
Ron Fassler
Enayat Delawary
Doc Long's Translator
Nancy Linehan Charles
Mrs. Long
Daston Kalili
Mujahideen Translator
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
Russian Helicopter Pilot
Ilia Volok
Russian Helicopter Pilot
Lex Lvovsky
Russian Helicopter Pilot
Sammy Sheik
Stinger Mujahideen
Moneer Yaqubi
Stinger Mujahideen
Gabriel Justice
Stinger Mujahideen
Siyal Mohammad
Stinger Presenter (as Siyal Mohamad)
Quill Roberts
Stinger Presenter
Jim Jansen
Congressional Committee
Harry S. Murphy
Congressional Committee
Spencer Garrett
Congressional Committee
Kevin Cooney
Congressional Committee
Don Abernathy
Man in Park Eating Hotdog (uncredited)
Walid Amini
Freedom Fighter
Susan Jasmin Armon
Afghan Girl
Erick Avari
Ari Goldman (uncredited)
Yousuf Azami
Work rlif guy (uncredited)
Anthony Azizi
Orderly (uncredited)
Tiffany L. Baker
Oil Tycoon's Wife (uncredited)
Nazanin Boniadi
Afghan Refugee Woman (uncredited)
Dancer (uncredited)
Darren Dowler
Johnny Drocco
Dapper Dan at Party (uncredited)
François Duhamel
French Photographer (uncredited)
David M. Edelstien
Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Paul Haasch
Fraternity Slave Driver (uncredited)
Brooks Hall
Charlie's Party Guest (uncredited)
Jody Jaress
VIP Party Guest (uncredited)
Alexander Kanellakos
Texas Millionaire
Igor Korosec
USSR Gunner 2 (uncredited)
Daniel Lench
Party Goer #1 (uncredited)
Tucker Maloney
CIA Operative (uncredited)
J. Patrick McCormack
Senator (uncredited)
Ambria Miscia
Vegas Showgirl (uncredited)
Kazu Nagahama
Japanese Tourist (uncredited)
Mara New
Extra (uncredited)
David E. Newham
DC Cop (uncredited)
Tom Ohmer
Party Guest (uncredited)
Ali Olomi
Injured Mujahadeen Soldier (uncredited)
Ron Ostrow
Congressional Committee #5 (uncredited)
J. Woodward Palmer
Bartender (uncredited)
Mary Linda Phillips
Party Guest (uncredited)
Dan Rather
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
John Robert
Congressional Committee (uncredited)
Ann Ryan
Party Guest (uncredited)
Carol Shook
Refugee (uncredited)
Gubbi Sigurdsson
Doc Long's Aide (uncredited)
Cynthia Silver
Charlie's Party Guest (uncredited)
Cassidy Smith
Afghan Girl
Nicole Smolen
Afghan Girl
Rose Day Stuart
Refugee (uncredited)
Rachel Style
Blodgett - CIA Cafeteria Cashier (uncredited)
Jackie Swanson
Texas Socialite (uncredited)
Teresa Swift
Indian (uncredited)
Shaun Toub
Kyle Vogt
Male Party Guest #4 (uncredited)
Tommy Wilson-O'Brien
Kurt Yaeger
Afghani Refugee (uncredited)
Did you know?
Emily Blunt filmed her part in two days.
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In one scene, Joanne (played by Julia Roberts) mentions that the campaign film she presented to Charlie wasn't a quality film to be submitted to the Golden Globes. Coincidentally, this film managed to get nominated in five categories at the Globes.
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Director Mike Nichols' final theatrical film.
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In the bathtub scene in the beginning of the movie, as Charlie Wilson and all his friends are moving around in the tub, the water in the tub is obviously a computer generated (CG) effect. You can see that when the water is rising and receding over their upper torsos, and as the water recedes from their bodies, their skin is dry, as there is an absence of water beads on their skin.
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During the first scene with two Russian helicopters en route to attack, their rocket pods are empty; you can see daylight through them.
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When Charlie is watching TV in the bath tub, a stripper puts cocaine down on the edge of the bathtub, and her hands are empty. In the next shot, she is shooting cocaine up her nose.
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Charlie Wilson: She always wanted to be a dancer but it was against her religion.
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Charlie Wilson: You know you've reached rock bottom when you're told you have character flaws by a man who hanged his predecessor in a military coup.
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Joanne Herring: Go fight this war, Charlie. Everything possible is on the line - including your manhood!
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Photos from cast
Kirby Mitchell Jud Tylor