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Children of Men

109 min
Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Alfonso Cuarón
Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 40 wins & 37 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-01-05
Filming Locations: Admiralty Arch, The Mall, St. James's, London, England, UK
Budget: $76,000,000
Opening Weekend: $179,268 (USA) (24 December 2006)
Gross: $35,286,428 (USA) (11 March 2007)
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore
Children of Men
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam
Children of Men
Clive Owen
Theo Faron
Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi
Baby Diego
Michael Caine
Mishal Husain
Rob Curling
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Jon Chevalier
Café Customer
Rita Davies
Café Customer
Kim Fenton
Café Customer
Danny Huston
Chris Gilbert
Café Customer
Phoebe Hawthorne
Café Customer
Rebecca Howard
Café Customer
Atalanta White
Café Customer (as Atlanta White)
Laurence Woodbridge
Café Customer
Maria McErlane
Michael Haughey
Mr. Griffiths
Phaldut Sharma
Ian (as Paul Sharma)
Miriam Karlin
Caged German Grandmother
Philippa Urquhart
Tehmina Sunny
Jody Halse
Immigration Policeman
Ilario Bisi-Pedro
Cigar Man
Michael Klesic
Martina Messing
Simon Poland
Preacher Trafalgar Square
Barnaby Edwards
Ministry Official
Ed Westwick
Valerie Griffiths
Dog Track Woman
Billy Cook
Pam Ferris
Clare-Hope Ashitey
Gary Hoptrough
Rob Inch
Road Traffic Police
Jamie Kenna
Road Traffic Police
Maurice Lee
Dhaffer L'Abidine
Dhafer (as Dhafer L'Abidine)
Bruno Ouvrard
Bruno (as Bruno Ouvard)
Denise Mack
Jacek Koman
Joy Richardson
Caroline Lena Olsson
Milenka James
Somi De Souza
Somi (as Somi Guha)
Francisco Labbe
Thorston Manderlay
Georgia Goodman
Georgette (as Georgette Pallard)
Peter Mullan
Dorothy Grumbar
German Bus Passenger
Barry Martin
German Bus Passenger
Ernesto Tomasini
Italian Bus Passenger
Keith Dunphy
Bexhill Immigration Officer
Ray Trickitt
Bexhill Immigration Officer (as Ray Trickett)
Nabil Shaban
Bexhill Market Hustler
Goran Kostic
Bexhill Market Hustler
Dermot O'Neill
One-Legged Hustler
Oana Pellea
Faruk Pruti
Alexandre Bestavashvili
Georgian Man (as Alexandre Bestavachvili)
Galina McWhirr
Georgian Woman
Nirmala Martis
Wailing Woman
Ida Church
Bleeding Woman
Yolanda Vazquez
Spanish Woman
Andrew Brooke
Nihal Arthanyake
Radio Announcer (voice) (as Nihal Arthanayake)
Alex Argenti
Arab Refugee (uncredited)
Andy Callaghan
Soldier (uncredited)
Scott Davidson
Photographer (uncredited)
Ray Donn
Soldier (uncredited)
James Fiddy
Core Military (uncredited)
Kay Headley
Refugee / Cigarette Beggar (uncredited)
Forbes KB
Elite Soldier (uncredited)
Jamie Lengyel
First Human Project Professor (uncredited)
Jeff Leslie
Immigration Policeman (uncredited)
João Costa Menezes
Terrorist (uncredited)
Steve Murphy
Soldier (uncredited)
Vidal Sancho
Basque Rebel (uncredited)
Mark Shrimpton
Soldier (uncredited)
John Warman
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Paul Warren
Refuge (uncredited)
Yana Yanezic
Woman (uncredited)
Did you know?
The character Marichka, the gypsy woman, is played by Romanian actress Oana Pellea. However, Marichka is a Russian name and you can spot a medal of V.I. Lenin in the gypsy house. All her dialogue is spoken in Romanian. It is ad-libbed and she mainly refers to her actions or directions. There's a scene where Marichka swears at Kee when she hits her little dog. She asks Theo for a cigarette and she warns him she would come back for rent in the morning.
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There are at least three long takes; the siege - 6:18, the car when Julian is shot - 3:58, the birth - 3:11.
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In the Bexhill tower block scene, Theo is wearing a London 2012 Olympics fleece. During the bidding process which ran from July 2003 to December 2005, London bid successfully to host the XXX (2012) Olympiad. Other cities that bid were Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro.
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Before getting on the bus, the photo of the "lost dog" is of a Sheltie, and is labeled as such. But when getting on the bus, the dog is actually a Papillon, not a Sheltie.
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When Theo is having dinner with Nigel, the wires appear to be missing from Alex's hand. In the next close up, the wires are back again.
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When Kee reveals her pregnancy to Theo in The Fishes' barn, her left arm is across her chest and her right hand below her pregnant belly. During the cuts between Theo's reaction and Kee's body, her arms are switched (with her right arm across her chest and left hand below her belly), then back again after the next cut.
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Newsreader: Day 1,000 of the Siege of Seattle.
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Jasper: Here try this.
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Theodore Faron: Julian? I haven't seen you in twenty years. You look good. The picture the police have of you doesn't do you justice.
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What is the "Human Project"?
It's never made particularly clear in the film, but we know that they are a group of scientists dedicated to curing infertility, supposedly based in the Azores, that they are secretive to the point of being a myth, that they attempted to determine the reasons for the infertility outbreak, they are not allies of the UK government or the Fishes, and that they have an interest in Kee and her child, presumably a continuation of their previous research.
What happens to Kee and her baby?
Since the movie ends with the Tomorrow arriving to pick them up, no indication of what happens in the future is given. Three possibilities that have been offered by viewers include: (1) The Human Project does tests on Kee and Dylan and finds a cure for some or all women, (2) Kee's fertility proves to be a one-time freak, and the human race becomes extinct within the next century or so, and (3) Kee and her children remain fertile and repopulate the earth. In 100 years all living humans will be the descendents of Kee. Many fans of the movie have assumed that the sound of the children laughing right before the closing credits roll signifies that fertility will be restored and more children will be born in the years to come.
What is 'Children of Men' about?
In a war-torn and famine-ridden future Britain where women have, for some reason, been rendered sterile and there have been no children born in over 18 years, an illegal African refugee named Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey) becomes pregnant. Since the British government and an immigrant rights group known as The Fishes are at war with each other and refugees are being rounded up and imprisoned, Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore), one of the leaders of The Fishes, asks her ex-husband Theo Faron (Clive Owen) to help Kee and her unborn child flee the UK.
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