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China Beach

60 min (60 episodes) | 120 min (pilot) | 120 min (series finale)
Drama | War
IMDB rate:
Won Golden Globe. Another 24 wins & 46 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1988-04-26
Filming Locations: Indian Dunes, Ventura County, California, USA
Marg Helgenberger
Marg Helgenberger
China Beach
Dana Delany
Colleen McMurphy
Michael Boatman
Pvt. Samuel Beckett
Robert Picardo
Dr. Dick Richard
Concetta Tomei
Maj. Lila Garreau
Brian Wimmer
Cpl. Boonie Lanier
Jeff Kober
Sgt. Evan 'Dodger' Winslow
Nancy Giles
Pvt. Frankie Bunsen
Troy Evans
Sgt. Pepper
Did you know?
Troy Evans was actually a Vietnan veteran. During a reunion on Good Morning America he stated the show gave him a sense of closure.
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Several of the story lines and even some of the dialog were taken directly from the experiences and recollections of actual Vietnam era military nurses.
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Colleen McMurphy: Sex is a bad word, but it feels good. Love is a good word, but it hurts.
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Dr. Dick Richard: You wanna keep it down? I can't hear the war.
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Why have I never seen this show?
Update: They finally got rights to almost all of the music, so China Beach is available on DVD now.
Why have I never seen this show?
Because the show heavily used popular songs from the time period, it would be very expensive to renegotiate the rights to these songs in order to produce DVD or Blu-ray copies, or to show reruns on cable. Since demand for the show is considered low, it is thought it would be unprofitable to do so, therefore a show regarded by many critics as a classic is now unavailable except in the form of illegal compilations on the internet.
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