Cinnamon Girl: California Dreamin'
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Cinnamon Girl: California Dreamin'

Comedy | Drama | Music
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Gavin O'Connor
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Todd Stashwick
Dean Vonn
Jamie McShane
Mr. Carter
Allie MacDonald
Cassie Carter
Aaron Hill
Cliff Alford
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Pablo Shroder
Carolyn Gilroy
Indiana Girl
Sebastian Pigott
Billy Cassady
Brooke Anne Smith
Junie Jablonski
Tara Platt
Kennedy Volunteer with Sign
Scott Anthony Leet
Mr. Black
Fernando Chien
Tokyo Dan Manning
Suzanne Ford
Brady Bunch Casting Director
David Landry
Allie Trimm
Indiana Girl
Nick McCallum
Randall Wright
Dan John Miller
Bill Cole
Trenton Rostedt
Guy in Van
Leslie Augustine
Polo lounge starlet
Lindsay Musil
Indiana Girl #1
Danny Deferrari
Dash Kolos
Lou's Guest
Jack Andrew Cook
Hippy Driver
Jade Bartlett
Mary 'Lou' Roth
Laraine Fisher
Lou's Party Guest
Anthony Woods
Kennedy Volunteer with Telephone
James Edward Shippy
Barry Green
Scott Bourquin
Hotel Desk Clerk
Fernando Torreblanca
Drummer Musician
Lee Troutman
Drug Dealer
Krystal Trella
Lou's Party Guest
Did you know?
Coming-of-age story set in the 1960s loosely based on Renée Zellweger's move from small-town Texas to Hollywood stardom and Anthony Tambakis' lifelong fascination with the Laurel Canyon music scene and the New Hollywood, auteur-driven era that began in the late '60s.
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After the Pilot was done, cable network Lifetime opted not to move forward with the project, which cost over $6 million dollars and had a $600,000 penalty if not picked up to series.
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Filming for this pilot ended in early December, 2012. ADR sessions took place in late January, 2013.
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Photos from cast
Amanda Booth Alexis Knapp