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City Heat

93 min | 98 min (Blu-ray Edition)
Action | Comedy | Crime
IMDB rate:
Richard Benjamin
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1984-12-07
Filming Locations: New York Street, Backlot, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
Budget: $25,000,000
Gross: $38,300,000 (USA)SEK 2,977,182 (Sweden)
Clint Eastwood
Lieutenant Speer
Burt Reynolds
Mike Murphy
Madeline Kahn
Caroline Howley
Rip Torn
Primo Pitt
Irene Cara
Ginny Lee
Richard Roundtree
Dehl Swift
Tony Lo Bianco
Leon Coll
William Sanderson
Lonnie Ash
Nicholas Worth
Troy Roker
Robert Davi
Jude Farese
Dub Slack
John Hancock
Fat Freddy
Jack Thibeau
Garage Soldier
Gerald S. O'Loughlin
Counterman Louie
Bruce M. Fischer
Art LaFleur
Jack Nance
Aram Strossell, the Bookkeeper
Dallas Cole
Redhead Sherry
Lou Fillipo
Referee (as Lou Filippo)
Michael Maurer
Vint Diestock
Preston Sparks
Keith Stoddard
Ernie Sabella
Ballistics Expert
Christopher Michael Moore
Roxy Cop
Carey Loftin
Roxy Driver
Harry Caesar
Locker Room Attendant
Charles Parks
Dr. Breslin
Hamilton Camp
Garage Attendant
Tab Thacker
Gene LeBell
Garage Soldier
Nick Dimitri
Garage Soldier
George Fisher
Garage Soldier
Bob Herron
Garage Soldier
Bill Hart
Garage Soldier
Arthur Malet
Doc Loomis
Fred Lerner
Pitt Roof Sniper
George Orrison
Pitt Doorway Thug
Beau Starr
Pitt Lookout
Anthony Charnota
Poker Player
Walter Robles
Poker Player
Richard Foronjy
Poker Player
Joan Shawlee
Peggy Barker
Minnie Summers Lindsey
Bordello Maid (as Minnie Lindsey)
Darwyn Swalve
Bordello Bouncer
Wiley Harker
Mr. Smith
Bob Maxwell
Mr. Smith
Tom Spratley
Bob Terhune
Billiard Soldier
Holgie Forrester
Little Red
Harry Demopoulos
Roman Orgy Patron (as Harry Demopoulos M.D.)
James C. Lewis
Roxy Patron (as Jim Lewis)
Edwin Prevost
Alfie Wise
Short Guy
Hank Calia
Shorter Friend
Alex Plasschaert
Shortest Friend
Daphne Eckler
Lonna Montrose
Dell Yount
Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Did you know?
This movie has been well known for its star teaming of two big Hollywood action heroes, Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood. Reynolds would later play a character called "Clint" in Standby, whilst to date [July 2013], Eastwood appears to have never played a character on-screen called "Burt".
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Though filmed in color, the Warner Brothers logo at the start of the picture is displayed in black-and-white, as is the opening shot, bar for the title card of the film's "City Heat" title, which is shown in bold red.
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Jane Alexander replaced Marsha Mason. Mason was originally cast as Addy but left the film due to creative differences. Mason eventually worked with Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge (1986).
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In the scene where Spear gets into a shoot-out with the thug in the hallway and stairwell, he shoots the thug a total of eight times, all in the upper chest area. However, later when he and Murphy are examining the bodies in the morgue, there is an overhead shot of the same thug and he has no upper chest wounds of any kind.
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The doctor tells Lt. Speer that Ginny broke her arm when she was hit by the car. However, when she reappears at the end of the movie singing in the club, she is not wearing a cast or showing any sign of injury.
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This first time Murphy (Burt Reynolds) visits his apartment, he switches on his 1930s era radio, which instantly begins playing music, as a modern one would. This is incorrect - a radio of that era contained vacuum tubes, and it would have taken the radio several minutes to "warm up" before any music could be heard.
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Mike Murphy: [after a gun battle] Look, do me a favor, don't save my life anymore!
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Mike Murphy: [the phone rings again after Murphy hangs up on his girlfriend, but Murphy makes the mistake in thinking it is his girlfriend calling him again] Ok, I'll come over and buff your body and put a nice glow to your cheeks.
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Addy: [she and Speer are sharing a drink from a bottle of illegal booze labeled furniture polish] Wow! This really is furniture polish!
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