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Class Reunion

84 min
Comedy | Horror
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Michael Miller
Country: USA
Release Date: 1982-10-29
Opening Weekend: $3,086,525 (USA) (31 October 1982)
Gross: $10,054,150 (USA) (12 December 1982)
Gerrit Graham
Bob Spinnaker
Michael Lerner
Dr. Robert Young
Blackie Dammett
Walter Baylor
Fred McCarren
Gary Nash
Miriam Flynn
Bunny Packard
Stephen Furst
Hubert Downs
Mews Small
Iris Augen
Shelley Smith
Meredith Modess
Zane Buzby
Delores Salk
Jacklyn Zeman
Jane Washburn
Barry Diamond
Chip Hendrix
Art Evans
Carl Clapton
Marla Pennington
Mary Beth McFadden
Randy Powell
Jeff Barnes
Anne Ramsey
Mrs. Tabazooski
Chuck Berry
Jim Staahl
Egon Von Stoker
Diane Black
Robin Eurich
Anyavel Glynn
Wendy Goldman
Terry Green
Richard Hawley
Harry Bower
Gary Hibbard
Fritz Shears
Chris Hubbell
Timothy Phillips
Roger Hamilton Spotts
Steve Tracy
Milt Friedman
Isabel West
Gloria Barnes
John Hughes
'Girl' in dress with paper bag over head (uncredited)
Danny Nero
Kent Clark (uncredited)
Did you know?
One of a number of slasher movie spoofs made and released during the early 1980s that parodied the current cycle of films in that genre. The movies include Wacko (1982), Pandemonium (1982), Student Bodies (1981), Class Reunion (1982) and Saturday the 14th (1981).
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The killer was played by the father of Anthony Kiedis of the band the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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The film's director Michael Miller once described the movie as follows: "Imagine 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' as if it was written by 'Eugene Ionesco'".
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During opening scene set in 1972 (ten years prior to 1982 reunion), most of students wear clothes and hair styles from late Fifties/early Sixties, probably to make it more apparent that considerable time had passed.
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Hubert Downs: Hey, erm, Iris? Howdya like to marry me, huh?
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Gary Nash: Erm, Meredith would you, er, I mean could you?
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Dr. Robert Young: He was institutionalized shortly after graduating from here. He committed a heinous crime against his parents with an upright vacuum cleaner.
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Misty Rowe