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Coast to Coast

95 min
Comedy | Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Joseph Sargent
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1980-10-03
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Dyan Cannon
Madie Levrington
Robert Blake
Charles Callahan
Quinn K. Redeker
Benjamin Levrington (as Quinn Redeker)
Michael Lerner
Dr. Frederick Froll
Maxine Stuart
Sam Klinger
William Lucking
Jules (as Bill Lucking)
Ellen Gerstein
Nurse #1
Patricia Conklin
Nurse #2
David Moody
Rozelle Gayle
Martin Beck
Karen Rushmore
Callahan's Wife
Mae Williams
Waitress at Truckstop
Tom Pletts
Henry Wills
Hap Lawrence
Tom J. Delaney
Drunken Trucker #1
Darwin Joston
Drunken Trucker #2
Dick Durock
Grayce Spence
Saleslady (as Grace Spence)
Dorothy Frazier
Joe Finnegan
Chicken Truck Driver
Jerry Gatlin
Stockyard Owner
Leonard P. Geer
Old Man on Motorcycle
Cassandra Peterson
Dinner Party Guest
Karen Montgomery
Dinner Party Guest
Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad
Sing Lu (as Arsenio Trinidad)
Vicki Frederick
Woman Golfer
John Roselius
Policeman #1
Al Robertson
Policeman #2
Clarke Gordon
Cynthia Gable
Miss Halliburton
Karen McLarty
Garden Party Guest
Did you know?
Dyan Cannon once said of this movie for publicity for this picture: "These days it's not enough to be able to act. In a crazy romantic chase story like this one, you have to dive in boots and all and cope with the high jumps. Such as learning to drive that great big gorgeous tractor-trailer rig. Those babies have thirteen gears and weigh in at more than thirty tons. We could have faked it, but I wanted to really understand how Madie would feel being in total command of that thing.".
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The film's title was used about 23 years later for another but unrelated road movie Coast to Coast (2003) which was made-for-television and starred Judy Davis and Richard Dreyfuss.
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The make and model of Charles Callahan (Robert Blake)'s prime mover road tractor was a GMC General Sleeper truck.
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After Madie drives the truck through the house at the end, the tractor is pointed 45 degrees down from the front, but from the side it's straight.
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Charles Callahan: [after waking up from the sleeper as Madie is driving] Where the hell are we?
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Charles Callahan: [to the repo man] The keys are in the truck.
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Madie Levrington: [babbling on about her husband Benjamin] The man really tried to convince me that I was crazy. I mean, he made me believe that I was crazy. He took over my mind, he took over my thinking. You know what it's like, have you ever seen one of those horror movies where they saw your head open and they take your brain out and they fill it full of their ideas, and then when they put it back into your head you're not you anymore, you're them, do you know what I mean?
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