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Cold Sweat

France:94 min | Norway:90 min (heavily cut) | USA:94 min
Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Terence Young
Country: Italy
Filming Locations: Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes, France
Gross: €161,286 (Spain) ( 1971)
Charles Bronson
Joe Martin
Liv Ullmann
Fabienne Martin
James Mason
Captain Ross
Jill Ireland
Michel Constantin
Yannick Delulle
Michèle Martin (as Yannick de Lulle)
Paul Bonifas
The doctor
Sabine Sun
The nurse
Roger Mailles
A poker player
Nathalie Varallo
Remo Mosconi
Dominique Crosland
The girl scout leader
Jean Topart
Yannick Deheth
Gabriele Ferzetti
David Hess
Michel Constantin (voice) (uncredited)
Bob Ingarao
A fisherman (uncredited)
Did you know?
French visa # 37624.
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According to Michel Constantin in his biography, concerning the fist fight that opposed him with Charles Bronson in the kitchen, Bronson and director Terence Young argued about the settings and the way of fighting. Young finally decided to agree with Bronson, admitting Bronson was right. Young gave more importance to the efficiency of the sequence than to his own pride.
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Charles Bronson and Michel Constantion, who have a fighting sequence together, died one day apart on August 2003. Constantin on the 29th and Bronson on the 30th.
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When Fabienne takes ice cubicles out of fridge by one hand and holds the ice "vase" in another we can clearly see that ice amount isn't enough to feel even the half of the "vase". However in the next frame after dropping ice in the sink she walks out of the kitchen with the "vase" overfilled with ice cubicles.
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During the chase, the odometer reads 156.9 going into 157.0. After a few minutes of more driving, the odometer is shown again this time as 157.1, where it left off a few minutes earlier.
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Joe Martin: And you and Michelle. What will you do while I'm away?
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Captain Ross: This is a stomach wound; stomach wounds bleed internally.
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Fabienne Martin: Killing him wouldn't be murder; it would be like cleaning a cesspool.
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Luigi Pistilli