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Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
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Joseph D. Kucan
1 win
Country: USA
Release Date: 1996-11-22
Gene Dynarski
Gene Dynarski
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Arthur Roberts
General Gunter von Esling
Barry Kramer
General Nikos Stavros
John Milford
Professor Albert Einstein
Lynne Litteer
Tanya Adams
Dom Magwili
Interrogator (voice)
Gwen Castaldi
Announcer (voice)
Lanae Freeborn
Tanya Adams
Ricky Russel
Allied Soldier Finale
Nick Paulos
Allied Soldiers Finale
Scott Ryan Tally
Allied Soldier Finale
Joe Bostic
Allied Soldier Commander
Chris Demers
Allied Soldier Commander
Barry Green
Allied Soldier Commander
Matthew Hansel
Allied Soldier Commander
Adam Isgreen
Allied Soldier Commander / Infantry & Units (voice)
Frank Klepacki
Soviet Soldier / Allied Soldier Commander / Infantry & Units (voice)
Michael Lightner
Allied Soldier Commander
William Randolph
Allied Soldier Commander (as Bill Randolph)
Philip E. Shelburne
Allied Soldier Commander
Eric Wang
Allied Soldier Commander / Infantry & Units (voice)
Craig Cavanah
General Georgi Kukov
Alan Terry
Andrea C. Robinson
Joseph D. Kucan
John Archer
Soviet Soldier
Mike Grayford
Soviet Soldier / Infantry & Units (voice)
Felix Kupis
Soviet Soldier
Chris Rubyor
Soviet Soldier / Infantry & Units (voice)
Martin Alper
Electronic Video Agent (EVA)
Erik Yeo
Soviet Soldier / Infantry & Units (voice) (as Erik Yeo)
Troy Leonard
Infantry & Units (voice)
Dwight K. Okahara
Infantry & Units (voice) (as Dwight Okahara)
Did you know?
This game was officially meant to be a prequel to the original Command & Conquer (1995). Taking place several decades before the original, Kane (Joseph D. Kucan) started out as Stalin's advisor and as such, secretly used the Soviet Union as a means to get his ancient Brotherhood of Nod into a seat of power again. In reaction to the Soviet Union's aggression, the Allied Forces fought back, and the United Nations set up a military task force, which would later become the Global Defence Initiative. In game canon, the Allied Forces finally won against the Soviet Union, forcing Kane to rebuild his Brotherhood himself over the next decades, without the aid of another world power, leading to the events of the original Command & Conquer. However, with the addition of more and more C&C installments (particularly Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (2000)), the number of inconsistencies rose, and this prequel view has been much debated among gamers, in favor of theories that explain the noted differences as separate parallel universes (created during several time travels made by characters in the games).
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Red Alert was originally planned to be an expansion to Command & Conquer (1995) but ended up so good that Westwood made it into a game in its own right.
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The name Chronosphere implies a time machine, but the machine is only used for transporting objects across distance.
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The V2 rocket, a distinctly German invention, is played as a Soviet unit, but Germany is one of the Allies.
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Eastern European countries, such as Poland, have the borders they were given in "our" 1945, after being conquered by the Nazis and reconstructed by the Soviets. Yet the Nazis never existed in this chronology, so they couldn't have invaded Poland.
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General Nikos Stavros: Einstein wanted me to warn you that the Chronosphere could produce unknown side effects. Be careful when using it. Even we do not understand its full power.
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General Gunter von Esling: Commander, I wish I could say I had good news. But not all of our battles fare as well as yours. The Greek front is collapsing, and Germany... is all but taken.
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Gradenko: Lets see how you handle this. Go at once to Torun, destroy everything and everyone. No prisoners, no survivors. That is all.
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Gene Dynarski