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60 min (including commercials)
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Won Golden Globe. Another 1 win & 16 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-09-27
Filming Locations: City Hall - 200 N. Spring Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
Kyle Secor
Kyle Secor
Commander in Chief
Caitlin Wachs
Caitlin Wachs
Commander in Chief
Geena Davis
President Mackenzie Allen
Donald Sutherland
Nathan Templeton
Harry Lennix
Jim Gardner
Ever Carradine
Kelly Ludlow
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
Amy Calloway
Anthony Azizi
Vince Taylor
Matt Lanter
Horace Calloway
Natasha Henstridge
Jayne Murray
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Richard 'Dickie' McDonald
Polly Bergen
Kate Allen
Samantha Eggar
Sara Templeton
Pamela Dunlap
Gilda Rockwell
Did you know?
Rod Lurie says he and Geena Davis got the word the show was canceled 'at the very moment' they were receiving an award at the United Nations.
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The scenes of Air Force two in flight during the pilot episode are from Air Force One (1997).
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When a show begins, the main cast usually signs for five years. According to creator Rod Lurie, Donald Sutherland didn't want to commit for that long, so he and Lurie made a deal. Ironically, the show got canceled after just one season.
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Mackenzie Allen: So I say to the people of this nation: I am humbled by your greatness. I am humbled by the history being made here today, humbled by the notion that I am the first woman to hold this office. I'm humbled by the responsibilities that rest with me.
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Grace Bridges: If Moses had been a woman, leading the Jews out of Egypt, she'd have stopped to ask for directions. They would've found Israel within a week.
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Mackenzie Allen: I'm going to go out there, and I'm going to take the oath of office. I'm going to run this government... and if some Islamic nations can't tolerate a female president, then I promise you... it will be more their problem than mine!
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