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90 min
Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Family | Romance
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Charles Jarrott
Country: UK
Release Date: 1981-08-07
Filming Locations: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Michael Crawford
Woody Wilkins
Barbara Carrera
James Hampton
Harry Oslo
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Dana Elcar
Russ Devlin
Vernon Dobtcheff
Russian Agent
Robert Arden
CIA Chief
Gérard Buhr
David Pontremoli
Did you know?
The movie was inspired by Robert Sheckley's novel "The Game of X".
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Relaxing one night after a long day of filming, Oliver Reed was relaxing when Michael Crawford was walking by. Oliver, in his character's Russian accent, invited Michael to sit and have a drink. When Michael declined, Oliver demanded saying, "Come here into Russian Embassy and have drink, you little feathered fart!". Needless to say, from that moment on Michael was referred to as "Condorman the Feather Fart."
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This Walt Disney studios picture, a spoof of spy and super-hero movies, was soon followed on the heels by Disney's Trenchcoat (1983), a parody of detective, film noir and mystery movies, released a couple of years later.
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Wire work is clearly seen above the Condorman suit flying over the Monte Carlo pier.
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After the scene where Woody and Natalia escape from Morovich by turning the Condormobile into a hovercraft, Morovich reports to Krokov that the Condormobile turned into a hydrofoil.
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(at around 55 mins) In a European scene, youngsters are astonished that 'Natalia' (or Woody's comic book creation of Laser Lady' ) is before them. Several children have comic books in their hands. As the boy in the foreground turns his copy around, you can actually read the back cover (US) edition advertisements and further can realize the front cover is in US English! You will also note that all children have US versions.
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Woody Wilkins: Well?
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Natalia: [Natalia, Harry and Woody are hiding in a church, admist the attendees for a wedding. Natalia sees Morovich and his henchman storm in and begin searching the crowd] I wish to speak!
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Turkish waiter: Your order sir? Woody Wilkins: [indicates Natlia's drink] I'll have one of those.
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Oliver Reed