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102 min
Animation | Comedy | Fantasy
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Ralph Bakshi
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1992-07-10
Filming Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Gross: $14,110,600 (USA) Filming Dates 15 February 1991 - 19 April 1991 Copyright Holder © 1992 Paramount Pictures and Cool Productions, Inc.copyright MCMXCII Paramount Pictures Corporation (on print)
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
Cool World
Michele Abrams
Michele Abrams
Cool World
Kim Basinger
Holli Would
Gabriel Byrne
Jack Deebs
Deirdre O'Connell
Isabelle Malley
Janni Brenn
Agatha Rose Harris
William Frankfather
Greg Collins
Maurice LaMarche
Interrogator #2 /
Joey Camen
Interrogator #1 /
Michael David Lally
Carrie Hamilton
Comic Bookstore Cashier
Stephen Worth
Bash (performance model)
Murray Podwal
Store Patron
Jenine Jennings
Holli Would
Gregory Snegoff
Candi Milo
Charles Adler
Patrick Pinney
Chico the Bouncer (voice)
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Kevin L. Jackson
Lucky's Bouncer (as Lamont Jackson)
Paul Ben-Victor
Valet (as Paul Benvictor)
Big Yank
Plaza Bouncer
Bobby Bell
Bob (performance model)
Gary Friedkin
Mash (performance model)
Clare Hoak
Lonette (performance model)
Antonio Hoyos
Dr. Vincent "Vegas Vinnie" Whiskers (performance model)
Leroy Thompson
Nails (performance model)
Emma Blackwell
Additional Voices (uncredited)
Lorraine Cote
Lady at Slot Machine (uncredited)
Maggie Roswell
Did you know?
The film was changed due to a comment Kim Bassinger made around Bakshi And Miner, she told them "I want this to be a movie I can watch with sick kids in hospitals" Bakshi replied "well, Kim I'm the wrong guy to talk about making a movie like that" but Miner was so moved her sentiment that he ordered Bakshi's script scrapped and rewritten without his permission.
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At the time of recording Candi Milo was pregnant with her daughter.
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Since the characters were simply created from scratch, the directors thought it to be appropriate to parody both popular Disney and Warner Bros. cartoon characters. A few examples would be the medium used for the rabbits, the old bald man and their own version of Geppetto and Pinnochio in a larger character's stomach, or Daffy Duck's face seen in a building on the movie.
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Near the end, Frank is laying in Cool World dead against the wall. As his girlfriend is walking down the street, his head is facing left, but when they cut back to him his head is turned right.
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When Jack and Holli are about to have sex, Jack can be heard moaning. But in an up-close shot where Holli gets on top of him, his mouth doesn't move at all.
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At the end of the film, when Lonette comes across Frank's body, she asks Nails who killed him and Nails tells her that he was pushed off a building by Holli Would, but Nails wouldn't have known this because he was still trapped inside the ink pen when Frank fell and not there to see it happen. In addition and for the same reason, he also wouldn't have known the answer to Lonette's other question, which was whether or not Holli Would was in doodle form when she killed Frank.
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Frank Harris: Noids do not have sex with doodles. It's the oldest law in Cool World. I've never had to enforce it. You cross that line I'll slap you around and make you piss like a puppy. Jack, you think she got a thing for you, don't you? That's sweet. But don't flatter yourself. She's a waste of ink. Truth is she's been after me and every other noid who's come through here. It's just that no one's been insane enough to get involved with her. You keep your pencil in your pocket. Know what I mean?
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Frank Harris: A little late for a lady to be out on the streets, don't you think? I've got a couple of questions for you, miss.
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Holli Would: Pencil dicks!
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Why is the opening song in the movie different from the soundtrack version.
The opening song "Play With Me (Jane) by the Thompson Twins used in the opening of the movie is indeed different. It is unknown why there is a different mix on the soundtrack album but the version for the movie is simply the "Cool World" mix with a 20sec piece of the "Full On" mix added in. Many fans of the version used during the opening credits were disenchanted with the album version.
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