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Crime Wave

73 min
Crime | Film-Noir | Drama
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André De Toth
Country: USA
Release Date: 1954-03-06
Filming Locations: Whiteman Airport - 12657 Osborne Street, Pacoima, Los Angeles, California, USA
Sterling Hayden
Det. Lt. Sims
Gene Nelson
Steve Lacey
Phyllis Kirk
Ellen Lacey
Ted de Corsia
'Doc' Penny
Charles Bronson
Ben Hastings (as Charles Buchinsky)
Jay Novello
Dr. Otto Hessler
Nedrick Young
Gat Morgan (as Ned Young)
James Bell
Daniel O'Keefe
Dub Taylor
Gus Snider (as Dubb Taylor)
Gayle Kellogg
Detective Kelly
Mack Chandler
Detective Sully
Iris Adrian
Hastings' Girlfriend (uncredited)
Joe Bassett
Cop (uncredited)
Charles Cane
Detective (uncredited)
Timothy Carey
Johnny Haslett (uncredited)
Tom Clarke
Salvation Army Singer (uncredited)
Fred Coby
Cop in Squad Car (uncredited)
Doris Day
Herself - Radio Singer (voice) (uncredited)
Dennis Dengate
Police Officer (uncredited)
Eileen Elliott
4th Police Broadcaster (uncredited)
Fritz Feld
Jess (uncredited)
Charles Ferguson
Detective / Bank Officer (uncredited)
Diane Fortier
1st Police Broadcaster (uncredited)
Kit Guard
Barfly at Counter (uncredited)
Jim Hayward
Zenner (uncredited)
Mary Alan Hokanson
2nd 1Police Broadcaster (uncredited)
Thomas E. Jackson
Bank Guard (uncredited)
Fred Kelsey
Old Man Crossing Street (uncredited)
Jack Kenney
Lefty (uncredited)
Faith Kruger
Salvation Army Singer (uncredited)
Lyle Latell
Hoodlum at Counter (uncredited)
Ruth Lee
3rd Police Broadcaster (uncredited)
Richard Lightner
Mark (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse
Detective (uncredited)
Mary Newton
Mrs. O'Keefe (uncredited)
Shirley O'Hara
Girl with Bandaged Man (uncredited)
John Pickard
Information Officer (uncredited)
George Ross
Cop (uncredited)
Ted Ryan
Bank Janitor (uncredited)
Sandy Sanders
Cop (uncredited)
John Veitch
Information Officer (uncredited)
Shirley Whitney
Girl (uncredited)
Guy Wilkerson
Beer-Drinker at Counter (uncredited)
Harry Wilson
Parolee (uncredited)
Jack Woody
Stoolie (uncredited)
Hank Worden
Sweeney (uncredited)
Did you know?
A few seconds of footage in Crime Wave are borrowed from Gun Crazy (1950). When suspects are rounded up following the attack on the gas station, we see police cars stopping by the entrance of a police station and letting out their suspects. This piece of footage can be seen in Deadly Is The Female, just after the payroll holdup, when police launch their dragnet.
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According to an interview on US DVD, Jack L. Warner originally wanted Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner to star in the movie, but André De Toth vehemently protested this. Warner was fed up after a long argument and told De Toth he could make the movie any way he wanted, but it had to be in two weeks, which suited De Toth since he finished under schedule and under budget with his preferred star, Sterling Hayden.
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Reportedly director André De Toth was offered a 35-day shooting schedule, but he told the studio he could complete the film in 15 days. He finished in 13.
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When Nedrick Young (as Gat Morgan) is first shot, he grabs his chest by the right pectoral. When he grabs his wound later, it has migrated to the lower center abdomen.
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'Doc' Penny: Think about that wife of yours, Steve. You can't afford to make any mistakes.
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Steve Lacey: How come the smart guys are inside and the dopes outside?
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Dr. Otto Hessler: People. They accept the love of a dog, and when it gets old and sick they say put it to sleep.
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Harry Lauter