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99 min
Drama | Music | Mystery | Romance
IMDB rate:
Walter Hill
1 win
Country: USA
Release Date: 1986-03-14
Filming Locations: Burbank, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $2,071,680 (USA) (16 March 1986)
Gross: $5,738,952 (USA) (6 April 1986)
Ralph Macchio
Eugene Martone
Joe Seneca
Willie Brown
Jami Gertz
Joe Morton
Scratch's Assistant
Robert Judd
Steve Vai
Jack Butler
Dennis Lipscomb
Harry Carey Jr.
John Hancock
Sheriff Tilford
Gretchen Palmer
Beautiful Girl / Dancer
Al Fann
Wally Taylor
Tim Russ
Robert Johnson
Tex Donaldson
John McGraw
Guy Killum
Willie at 17
Akosua Busia
Woman at Boardinghouse
Edward Walsh
Harley Tethune
Allan Graf
Royce Wallace
Hotel Proprietress
J.W. Smith
Man at Auto Wrecking Yard
Diana Bellamy
Hospital Supervisor
Johnny M. Reyes
Karen Huie
Nurse #1
Robin Townsend
Nurse #2
Jeanne Kiely
Nurse #3
Winifred Freedman
Nurse #4
Dolores Aguanno
Nurse #5
Debra Laws
Nurse #6
Diane Robin
Nurse #7
Leslie Morris
Bus Station Clerk
Gloria Delaney
Jookhouse Woman #1
JoMarie Payton
Jookhouse Woman #2 (as Jo Marie Payton-France)
Angela Robinson-Witherspoon
Jookhouse Woman #3 (as Angela Robinson)
Deborra Hampton
Jookhouse Woman #4
Le Van Hawkins
Jookhouse Man #1
Jason Ross
Jookhouse Man #2
Natasha Peacock
Young Girl at Crossroads
Agnes Narciso
Miss Narciso
Frank Frost
Jookhouse Musician (Harmonica / Vocalist)
John Price
Jookhouse Musician (Drums)
Otis Taylor
Jookhouse Musician (Lead Guitar)
Richard 'Shubby' Holmes
Jookhouse Musician (Bass Guitar)
Terry L. Evans
Jookhouse Musician (Keyboard)
Bobby A. King
Guitar Duel Sequence Singer #1
Sam King
Guitar Duel Sequence Singer #2
Arnold McCuller
Guitar Duel Sequence Singer #3
Willie J. Greene Jr.
Guitar Duel Sequence Singer #4
Marina Anderson
Barfly (uncredited)
John Otrin
Paramedic (uncredited)
Cal Wilson
Jookhouse Man #3 (uncredited)
Did you know?
After the guitar dual, Eugene plays "Big Bad Moon" by Joe Satriani. FALSE. The riff is similar to 'Big Bad Moon' but the Satriani piece wasn't written and recorded until 1989, the movie came out in 1986!
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Though the blues guitar sounds aren't truly coming from Ralph Macchio's fingers, the actor is actually playing note for note the music of Steve Vai and Ry Cooder. His fingering, slides and bends are precise until the "main" solo, which incorporates Paganini's 5th Caprice, in which it is obvious he is not fingering the correct location on the guitar, as well with the patterns, this can be seen since he uses mainly the same pattern (scale on the top frets, then another one in the bottom frets) and all the scale portion of it, the scales are shifting and changing sound, but his patterns remain the same.
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Keith Richards was originally considered for the role of Jack Butler, when he was unavailable it was mentioned a fresh new upcoming guitarist might fit the part, and called in Steve Vai.
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When they first hitch a ride with Francis they get into a big old rusty 4 door sedan. Later when they are in Mississippi and get a ride from the boarding house they are picked up in the same car.
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When the kid is dueling with Steve Vai, you can clearly see in the background the audience applauding his guitar skills, and yet the only sound to be heard is coming from the guitars.
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When Eugene and Willie are drinking whiskey after France's departure, Eugene starts playing on his Telecaster. You can clearly hear a "tremolo effect" which is impossible because the guitar is plugged straight to the amp and "Pignose 7-100" amplifiers don't have any effects.
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Willie Brown: Meet Blind Dog Fulton. The one and only Willie Brown. You have found your man.
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Willie Brown: Where I come from, you don't blow no harp, you don't get no pussy.
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Willie Brown: Oh, shit. Here we go, a little soul from the golden ghetto.
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