Cruel Intentions 2
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Cruel Intentions 2

87 min
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Roger Kumble
Country: USA
Release Date: 2001-03-13
Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Amy Adams
Cruel Intentions 2
Robin Dunne
Sebastian Valmont
Sarah Thompson
Danielle Sherman
Keri Lynn Pratt
Cherie Claymon
Barry Flatman
Headmaster Sherman
Mimi Rogers
Tiffany Merteuil
Teresa Hill
Barclay Hope
Mr. Felder
Tane McClure
Bunny Claymon
David McIlwraith
Edward Valmont
Jonathan Potts
Assistant Headmaster Steve Muller
Caley Wilson
Blaine Tuttle
Deanna Wright
Penny Cartwright
Clement von Franckenstein
Shuko Akune
Min Lin
Hans Schoeber
Nicholas Guilak
Christophe Davidson
Gordon Anderson
Andrew Kraulis
Court Reynolds
Ian D. Clark
Principal Freeman
Jillian Rees-Brown
Delores Freeman
Blair Williams
Judy Sinclair
Mrs. Gagin
David Fujino
Mr. Nago
Jessica Morton
Jeannette Sousa
Miranda Reeves
Sherman's Assistant
Virginia A. Frost
Elderly Lady
Annie Sorell
Alicia Lorén
William Lasselle
Janaya Stephens
Cab Driver
Rel Hunt
Nigel Danby
Sarah Lancaster
Millicent Davies
Sean Patrick Thomas
Todd Michaels
Kristin Booth
Stephanie Cameron
Brian Danner
Fencing Student
Sean Dryke
R.O.T.C. Captain
Roger Kumble
Limo Driver
Kathleen Lancaster
Female Posse
Katherine Ann McGregor
Professor Landau
Bianca Muller
Ted Shackelford
First Chauffaur
Tim Weske
Fencing Instructor
Did you know?
This film was originally a TV series based on Cruel Intentions (1999) titled "Manchester Prep" with three hour-long episodes filmed: the pilot (#1.1), Pretty in Plaid (#1.2), and Disfunction Junction (#1.3). They were scheduled to premiere on the Fox network in the fall of 1999, but the show was canceled before any of the episodes aired. The scene where Cherie has orgasms on the horse in Episode #1.3 reportedly outraged Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch. New explicit scenes and dialogue were added to footage from the pilot and the first two episodes to make this film. The plot was reworked to serve as a prequel to Cruel Intentions rather then a re-telling.
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After agreeing to take Danielle to a James Van Der Beek movie, Sebastian (Robin Dunne) mentions how he feels like a loser for "taking the school virgin to see Dawson." Robin Dunne guest-starred in 4 episodes of Dawson's Creek (1998) in Season 3.
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On the DVD, there are 'Talent Files' for each of the four main actors (Robin Dunne, Amy Adams, Sarah Thompson, and Keri Lynn Pratt). Keri Lynn Pratt played 'Cherie Claymon', but in her file, it lists her character as 'Cecile Caldwell'. Cecile Caldwell doesn't appear in this film. She is played by Selma Blair in the original Cruel Intentions (1999), which takes place years after this film. However, Cecile and Cherie both have a few things in common: they are both daughters of socialites; ditzy; virgins when they start at Manchester; and both lose their virginity while attending there.
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When in the limo to school and then when he gets out, Sebastian's tie knot changes between shots (watch the colors.)
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When we see Sebastian's father cuffed to the bed on his boat, the chain between the handcuffs is rather long. But his father is back at home, still with them on, the chain is much shorter.
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A crew member is reflected on the limo door that Cherie is entering at the end of the movie.
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Danielle: Sebastian, do you believe in a higher power?
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Danielle: [annoyed] God, why does everything have to be about money?
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Kathryn: Get out, all of you! And you can be damn sure that my mother's going to hear about this when she gets back.
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