Daddy Long Legs
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Daddy Long Legs

126 min
Musical | Romance
IMDB rate:
Jean Negulesco
Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1955-05-05
Filming Locations: Andrew Carnegie Mansion - 2 East 91st Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Fred Astaire
Jervis Pendleton III
Leslie Caron
Julie Andre
Terry Moore
Linda Pendleton
Thelma Ritter
Alicia Pritchard
Fred Clark
Charlotte Austin
Sally McBride
Larry Keating
Ambassador Alexander Williamson
Kathryn Givney
Gertrude Pendleton
Kelly Brown
Jimmy McBride
Ray Anthony
Himself (as Ray Anthony and his Orchestra)
Robert Adler
Deliveryman (uncredited)
Paul Bradley
Second Jeweler (uncredited)
Tim Cagney
Orphan (uncredited)
Kathryn Card
Miss Carrington (uncredited)
John Carlyle
Student in 'Sluefoot' Dance Sequence (uncredited)
Janice Carroll
Athetic Girl Dancer (uncredited)
Barrie Chase
Blonde dancer (in "International Playboy") (uncredited)
Ann Codee
Madame Sevanne (uncredited)
James Conaty
Art Gallery Patron (uncredited)
James Cromwell
Extra (uncredited)
Lillian Culver
Inquisitive Woman (uncredited)
Sayre Dearing
Art Gallery Patron (uncredited)
Guy Des Rochers
French Lieutenant (uncredited)
Shirley Doble
College Girl (uncredited)
Ralph Dumke
Mr. Bronson (uncredited)
George Dunn
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Pat Ferguson
Elevator Boy (uncredited)
Steven Geray
Emile (uncredited)
Kelly Gordon
Student in 'Sluefoot' Dance Sequence (uncredited)
Ivis Goulding
Dignified Woman (uncredited)
Chester Hayes
Graduation Extra (uncredited)
Bill Hines
Army Sergeant (uncredited)
David Hoffman
Jeweler (uncredited)
Charles Anthony Hughes
Hotel Manager (uncredited)
J. Anthony Hughes
Deliveryman (uncredited)
Virginia Hunter
College Girl (uncredited)
Diane Jergens
College Girl (uncredited)
Tim Johnson
Bellhop (uncredited)
Joseph Kearns
Guide (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp
Airport Extra (uncredited)
Larry Kent
Butler (uncredited)
Frank Kreig
French Farmer (uncredited)
Numa Lapeyre
Jean (uncredited)
Eileen Maxwell
College Girl (uncredited)
Michael McLean
Orphan (uncredited)
Lisa Montell
College Girl (uncredited)
Liliane Montevecchi
College Girl (uncredited)
Ralph Moratz
Prom Attendee (uncredited)
Forbes Murray
Art Gallery Patron (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien
Hotel Waiter (uncredited)
Damian O'Flynn
Larry Hamilton (uncredited)
Leslie Parrish
College Girl (uncredited)
Paul Power
Commission Member (uncredited)
Evelyn Rudie
Codene, Orphan Girl (uncredited)
Harry Seymour
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Sara Shane
Pat (uncredited)
Pat Sheehan
College Girl (uncredited)
Olan Soule
Asst. Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Bert Stevens
Graduation Extra (uncredited)
Hal Taggart
Man in Elevator (uncredited)
Charles Tannen
Man in White Suit, Ballet Nightmare Sequence (uncredited)
Helen Van Tuyl
College Dean (uncredited)
Percival Vivian
Professor (uncredited)
Carleton Young
Commission Member (uncredited)
Did you know?
Fred Astaire's wife died during filming, and between some takes he would retreat to his trailer and cry. That's why, in some scenes, his eyes look red and swollen.
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Fred Astaire was 56 years old at the time the movie was shot. Leslie Caron was only 24.
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Despite being listed on IMDb as an uncredited extra in this film, well known actor James Cromwell explained on the 11 July 2013 episode of the Opie and Anthony Show radio program that it was a different actor with his same name that appeared in this film.
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When Jervis is about to play the drums for Griggs, his brushes suddenly turn into sticks between shots.
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When Julie draws Daddy Long Legs on the chalk board, the arms are drawn at a downward angle. In the distant shots, the arms are noticeably more horizontal.
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In the top-hat dance number with Jervis and Julie, she is wearing a light blue ribbon around her waste; in the poster that includes a still from that scene, the waist ribbon is red.
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Alicia Pritchard: Mr. Griggs, a person is NOT a corporation! A person is flesh and blood... and feelings !
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Photos from cast
Gertrude Astor