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Dark Blue World

112 min
War | Drama | Action | Romance
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Jan Sverák
8 wins & 8 nominations
Country: Czech Republic
Release Date: 2001-05-17
Filming Locations: Czech Republic
Budget: $5,000,000
Opening Weekend: $19,541 (USA) (30 December 2001)
Gross: $258,215 (USA) (2 June 2002)
Ondrej Vetchý
Frantisek Sláma
Krystof Hádek
Karel Vojtisek
Tara Fitzgerald
Susan Whitmore
Charles Dance
Wing Commander Bentley
Oldrich Kaiser
Jan Machatý
David Novotný
Bedrich Mrtvý
Linda Rybová
Hanicka Pecharova
Jaromír Dulava
Railwayman Kanka
Lukás Kantor
Tom Tom
Radim Fiala
Jura Sysel
Juraj Bernáth
Jan Gregora
Miroslav Táborský
Vilha Houf
Hans-Jörg Assmann
Doctor Blaschke
Thure Riefenstein
German Officer Hesse
Anna Massey
English Teacher
Viktor Preiss
Major Skokan
John Warnaby
RAF Instructor
Petr Burian
Vrba Vlastik
Cestmír Randa
Pavlata (Armourer) (as Cestmir Randa)
Sophie Wilcox
Caroline Holdaway
Mrs. Brett
Charlotte Fairman
WAAF Sally
William Scott-Masson
Susan's Husband (as William S. Mason)
Zdenek Dvorák
Jirí Lábus
Pub Landlord
Jan Dvorák
Bustik (Prison Guard)
Daniela Kolárová
Martin Sitta
Horst-Günter Marx
Frantisek Rys
Ashley Clish
Beth (4 Years Old)
Anna Veselá
Lexie Peel
David (7 Years Old)
Filip Renc
Blaise Colangelo
Twin (Ann)
Sienna Colangelo
Twin (Mary)
Monika Petru
Gemma Scrimgeour
Girl (10 Years Old)
Rhian Heppleston
Ondrej Paskudo
Lucy Fillery
Karolína Simácková
Amy Huck
William McEnchroe
Radio Operator 2
Noel le Bon
Telephone Operator (as Noel Le Bon)
Timothy Otis
Radio Operator 1
David Fisher
Jeff Tyler
Radio Operator
David O'Carry
Martin Dostal
German Motocyclist
John Comer
English Mechanic (as John Joseph Comer)
Frantisek Vyskocil
German Motocyclist
John Norton
Rear Gunner Captain
Lyes Belkacem
Tracey Malone
(as Tracey Whitmore)
Jiri Mottl
Ladislav Kozderka
Jiri Partyka
Karel Skopek
Jiri Prantl
Jaroslav Suchan
Jan Brabec
William Faix
Jan Krayhanzl
Martin Fila
Colin Stuart
Michal Zelenka
Filip Cervinka
Pilot Cerny
Jan Sverák
Pilot (uncredited)
Zdenek Sverák
Indian RAF member, riding on a bicycle (uncredited)
Did you know?
The film's closing epilogue states: "By the year 1951 all the Czechoslovak RAF airmen were released from the labor camps. But they remained outcasts for most of their lives. It was only in 1991 that the survivors were rehabilitated and recognized for their wartime service."
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Czech Republic's official submission to 74th Academy Award's Foreign Language in 2002.
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The cost of renting the British Spitfires used in the film was $10,000 an hour.
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A significant number of the Spitfires shown are later marks than would have been used in 1940, as is evidenced by their larger (and subtly differently shaped) vertical stabilizers and two underwing radiators. (Mark I and Mark II Spitfires would have had only one underwing radiator under the starboard wing, supplemented by a much smaller oil cooler under the port wing.) Also, the scenes in which Me109's appear show aircraft with unusually large chin cowling, indicating that they were probably made in Spain under license after the war (and equipped with something other than the period-correct Daimler-Benz engine that an Me109 would have had in 1940).
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Slama picks up Vojtisek at crash landing site an they both head to England over the channel. These two sequences are shot with a different aircraft.
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The RAF-commissioned officer conducting the life raft training is shown wearing "shoulder flashes" with an embroidered eagle. These were not worn by commissioned officers, only by Warrant Officers and below.
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Oberleutnant Hesse: I understand how you feel. A German officer would shoot himself in a situation like this. But you can... You are a different type of person. Heil Hitler!
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Doctor Blaschke: It was hard, Mr. Sláma, to be a German and not be proud.
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Vojtisek: What is your name?
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Jeremy Swift