Darkness Falls
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Darkness Falls

86 min | 96 min (Special Extended Blu-Ray Edition)
Horror | Thriller
IMDB rate:
1 win & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-01-24
Filming Locations: Ballarat Street, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia
Budget: $11,000,000
Opening Weekend: $12,024,917 (USA) (26 January 2003)
Gross: $32,131,483 (USA) (23 March 2003)
Chaney Kley
Kyle Walsh
Emma Caulfield
Caitlin Greene
Lee Cormie
Michael Greene
Grant Piro
Larry Fleishman
Sullivan Stapleton
Officer Matt Henry
Steve Mouzakis
Dr. Peter Murphy
Peter Curtin
Dr. Travis
Kestie Morassi
Nurse Lauren
Jenny Lovell
Nurse Alexandra
John Stanton
Captain Thomas Henry
Angus Sampson
Raymond 'Ray' Winchester (as Angus Murray Lincoln Sampson)
Charlotte Rose
Marie Winchester (as Charlotte Rees)
Joshua Anderson
Young Kyle Walsh
Emily Browning
Young Caitlin Greene
Rebecca McCauley
Margaret Walsh (Kyle's Mom)
Daniel Daperis
Young Larry Fleishman
Andrew Bayly
Officer Andy Batten
Aaron Gazzola
Billy (Little Boy)
Cecelia Specht
Little Boy's Mother
Matt Robertson
Little Boy's Father
Mark Blackmore
Joshua Parnell
Store Clerk
Rayne Guest
Spilled Beer Girl
Andrew Dauchy
Drinking Buddy (as Andrew T. Dauchy)
Bruce Hughes
Medical Examiner
Roy Edmunds
Police Officer
Philip Reilley
Police Officer (as Phil Reilley)
Mark Wickham
Police Officer
Marnie Statkus
Police Officer
Gary A. Hecker
Tooth Fairy Vocal Effects
Antony Burrows
Matilda Dixon
Gerard Cogley
Security Guard (uncredited)
Christopher T. Warren
Onlooker (uncredited)
Did you know?
According to FX creator Steve Wang, the original version of 'Tooth Fairy' was an Angel of Death, but when script changes came in, his winged and toothy creation was jettisoned. Actor Doug Jones originally played the Tooth Fairy in Wang's incredible makeup.
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The "Sensory Deprevation Tank" is actually an MRI machine.
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In a version of the film, the creature only appears in the final act. The studio was not satisfied by this, so they brought Stan Winston in to create a new Tooth Fairy that would be seen throughout the film. The original design (by Steve Wang) bears no resemblance to the new version, although it is the basis for the McFarlane Toys figure released in 2002.
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While Kyle is driving a car with no windshield, his hair doesn't move.
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At the beginning of the film, young Kyle has two small (unexplained) scratches on the upper part of his left cheek which appear to be about an inch and a half at most. The next morning, a close-up of Kyle shows two very large (approx. 4"-5") slashes on the upper and lower portion of his cheek, as well as what may be a third across his left collar bone. In the preceding and subsequent shots, Kyle is seen with the original small scratches.
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The tooth fairy is sensitive to light, no matter how dim, Yet she is shown flying around during the storm with no reactions to the very bright and near constant lightning.
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Michael: She won't come in the light.
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Officer Andy Batten: Is she gonna get me?
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Officer Matt Henry: You're Crazy, Walsh.
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What was the song that played during the ending credits?
The song is called "Gunboat", by a group called Vixtrola. Because of the lack of a (popular music) soundtrack for this movie and record disputes with Vixtrola's representatives, Geffen Records, the song is not available for purchase anywhere and can only be found on Peer to Peer applications such as Limewire.
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