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Day of the Dead

86 min
Action | Horror
IMDB rate:
Steve Miner
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2008-04-08
Filming Locations: New Boyana Film Studios, Sofia, Bulgaria
Budget: $18,000,000
Gross: $301,771 (worldwide)$301,771 (Non-USA)
Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari
Day of the Dead
Christa Campbell
Christa Campbell
Day of the Dead
Nick Cannon
Michael Welch
Trevor Bowman
AnnaLynne McCord
Stark Sands
Bud Crain
Matt Rippy
Doctor Logan
Pat Kilbane
Taylor Hoover
Local Girl
Ian McNeice
Paul - DJ
Ving Rhames
Captain Rhodes
Robert Rais
Mr. Leitner
Michael McCoy
Mr. Noble
Laura Giosh
Mrs. Noble (as Laura Goish Markov)
Vanessa Johansson
Mark Coolidge Johnson
Sheriff Carver
David Pineda
Nervous Deputy
Sergio Buenrostro
Miroslav Emilov
Young Punk
Alex Brown
Young Man
Hollie Dorrough
Young Punkgirl
Brian La Rosa
Man in Woods (as Brian De La Rosa)
Kent Jude Bernard
Zombie (uncredited)
Neil D'Monte
Zombie (uncredited)
Ron Fagan
Screaming Zombie at End (uncredited)
Linda Marlowe
Francine Bowman (uncredited)
Isaac Meisenheimer
Fire Zombie (uncredited)
Jason Miller
Zombie (uncredited)
Erika Perez
Zombie (uncredited)
Elitsa Razheva
Jeffrey Reddick
Deputy (uncredited)
Annie Savage
Hailey Shu / Radio Reporter (uncredited)
Luke Sexton
Zombie (uncredited)
Hugh Skinner
Kyle (uncredited)
Did you know?
Although the film's plot shares little with the original, many of the scenes and situations from the original are duplicated, such as debating on whether or not a fellow member should be killed even though there's a chance he won't become a zombie, a zombie firing a gun, and the heroes having to make their way through an abandoned missile silo.
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The computer screen and readout in the bunker near the end refer to 'Project Wildfire'. This was the code name used in The Andromeda Strain which deals with a crashed satellite that infects a community with a deadly organism. The zombie virus in The Night of the Living Dead was blamed on a crashed space probe.
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The Radio Station is on the Elm Street. This is a reference to A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).
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The M9 pistol Sarah uses when escaping from the hospital has a capacity of 15 bullets. It is fired 23 times without being reloaded before running out of ammo.
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After leaving the hospital, Sarah and the others run over a large number of zombies, sometimes busting them into pieces. But when they stop, there is not a drop of blood anywhere on the vehicle.
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The zombified Bud had a gun and shot other zombies despite never having been given a gun before dying.
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Nina: [about Doctor Logan] Hey, what happened to Fuck-Face?
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Soldier: Sir, my orders are to relay the information to you so you can pass it on to the public.
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Salazar: [to Sarah as she runs over zombies] That's what I'm talking about! Run their ass over! Now you're driving.
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Did this film get a theatrical release?
No, it went straight to DVD and Blu Ray. It was released in April 8th of 2008. There was a plan for the film to have a limited theatrical release in April 2007, but it never happened.
Is this a sequel to the 2004 remake of 'Dawn of the Dead'?
No, this is only a remake of Day of the Dead, which is the 1985 sequel to the original Dawn of the Dead (1978).Ving Rhames appears in Day of the Dead (2008) (V) and Dawn of the Dead (2004), but as two different characters. It's likely the studio cast him in Day to confuse audiences into believing their straight-to-video flick is a sequel to the popular Dawn.
What movies are in the "Dead" series?
Read the answer: here
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Mena Suvari Christa Campbell