Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
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Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

88 min
Comedy | Crime | Mystery | Thriller
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Carl Reiner
Country: USA
Release Date: 1982-05-21
Filming Locations: Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $4,289,601 (USA) (23 May 1982)
Gross: $18,196,170 (USA) (5 July 1982)
Steve Martin
Rigby Reardon
Rachel Ward
Juliet Forrest
Alan Ladd
The Exterminator
Carl Reiner
Field Marshall VonKluck
Barbara Stanwyck
Leona Hastings-Forrest (archive footage)
Ray Milland
Sam Hastings (in 'Lost Weekend')
Ava Gardner
Kitty Collins
Burt Lancaster
Swede Anderson
Humphrey Bogart
Phillip Marlowe
Cary Grant
(in "Suspicion") (archive footage)
Ingrid Bergman
F.X. Huberman (archive footage)
Veronica Lake
Monica Stillpond (archive footage)
Bette Davis
Doris Davermont (archive footage)
Lana Turner
Jimmi-Sue Altfeld (archive footage)
Edward Arnold
Altfeld (archive footage)
Kirk Douglas
Thug Boss (archive footage)
Fred MacMurray
Walter Neff
James Cagney
Captain Cody Jarrett
Joan Crawford
Margaret (archive footage)
Reni Santoni
Carlos Rodriguez
Charles Laughton
The Fat One Who Sweats a Lot
Vincent Price
George Gaynes
Dr. Forrest
Francis X. McCarthy
Waiter (as Frank McCarthy)
Adrian Ricard
Charlie Picerni
Hood (as Charles Picerni)
Gene LeBell
Hood (as Gene Labell)
George Sawaya
Britt Nilsson
Puppy Secretary
Jean Beaudine
Duty Secretary
John Easton Stuart
German Henchman (as John 'Easton' Stuart)
Ronald Spivey
German Henchman
Bob Hevelone
German Henchman
Dieter Curt
German Henchman
Phillip Kearns
German Henchman (as Phil Kearns)
Kent Deigaard
German Henchman
Eugene Brezany
German Henchman
Brad Baird
German Henchman
William Conrad
(in "The Killers") (archive footage)
Charles McGraw
in The Killers (archive footage)
Jeff Corey
(in "The Killers") (archive footage)
John Miljan
(in "The Killers") (archive footage)
Brian Donlevy
(in "The Glass Key") (archive footage)
Norma Varden
(in "The Glass Key") (archive footage)
Edmond O'Brien
(in "White Heat") (archive footage)
Wally Brown
(archive footage) (uncredited)
Cheryl Smith
Veronica Lake
Did you know?
Actor Steve Martin didn't watch any old movies nor the types of classic film noir and detective films that this picture featured or referenced because Martin, according to the picture's production notes, "didn't want to act like Humphrey Bogart ... [he] didn't want to be influenced".
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Of the almost twenty old movies that were used as footage and edited into this picture, all were from the 1940s except for one, from the 1950s, that film being In a Lonely Place (1950), which had debuted pretty close to the 1940s in May 1950.
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Second of three cinema movies that actor Reni Santoni made with director Carl Reiner. The first had been around fifteen years earlier with 1967's Enter Laughing (1967) whilst the third and final film was Summer Rental (1985).
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In the scene with the pigeons after Juliet leaves, Rigby says "after a half bottle of bourbon..." and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is pictured. Jack Daniel's is not bourbon - it never has been and never will be.
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When Rigby (Steve Martin) is exchanging a $5 bill for a $1 bill with Ray Milland through the cracked open doorway, you can clearly see that the bill is marked "Series 1969" which is about 25 years after the time the film is set in.
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When Rigby is talking on Juliet's phone to her sister Leona, the handset and coiled cord to the phone are from the 1960's-80's, and not the straight cloth-covered phone cords in use in the 1940's when the story is taking place.
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Juliet Forrest: Sometimes I feel I would like to...
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Juliette Forrest: But what does "FOC" mean?
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Rigby Reardon: If you want me to investigate your father's death, I get ten dollars a day - plus expenses.
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