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Deadly Nightmares

France:26 min | USA:30 min (85 episodes)
Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rate:
9 wins & 20 nominations
Country: France
Release Date: 1983-11-23
Did you know?
Nicholas Campbell appeared as the Hitchhiker in the initial trilogy of "tryout" episodes, which originally aired in late 1983. After HBO picked the show up for a full second season, Campbell was unavailable to reprise his role, so Page Fletcher took over the role. For reruns, all of Campbell's scenes were replaced with re-shot footage of Fletcher. Even on the Canadian Season 1 DVD release, a "Fletcher" version of an original Campbell episode got released by mistake.
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The first dramatic television series made by Home Box Office cable TV network.
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Page Fletcher usually only worked one day a week and his wrap-around host segments were often shot in a half hour.
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Meg Foster Mary Frann Keith Martin Gordey Lucy Gutteridge Margot Kidder Nick Mancuso Angel Tompkins Raoul Trujillo
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