Death Rides a Horse
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Death Rides a Horse

USA:114 min | Italy:120 min
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Giulio Petroni
Country: Italy
Release Date: 1967-08-31
Filming Locations: La Calahorra, Granada, Andalucía, Spain
Lee Van Cleef
John Phillip Law
Bill Meceita
Mario Brega
Walcott's Henchman in Waistcoat
Anthony Dawson
Burt Cavanaugh
José Torres
Pedro (as Jose Torres)
Franco Balducci
Bruno Corazzari
Walcott's Bartender
Felicita Fanny
Ignazio Leone
Carlo Pisacane
Angelo Susani
Guglielmo Spoletini
Vivienne Bocca
Sorella di Bill
Walter Giulangeli
Sr. Meceita
Elena Hall
Sra. Meceita
Mario Mandalari
Complice di Walcott
Nazzareno Natale
Bandito con Pedro (as Natale Nazareno)
Ennio Pagliani
Complice di Walcott
Giovanni Petrucci
Complice di Walcott
Romano Puppo
Vice sceriffo
Richard Watson
Archie Savage
Jeff Cameron
Cavanaugh's Henchmen (uncredited)
Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni
Chorus (voice) (uncredited)
Remo Capitani
Scorta di oro (uncredited)
Carla Cassola
Betsy (uncredited)
Giuseppe Lauricella
Card-Player (uncredited)
Raul Lovecchio
The Balladeer (voice) (uncredited)
Alba Maiolini
Abitante di paese (uncredited)
Nerina Montagnani
Moglie dell'ex-pastore (uncredited)
Claudio Ruffini
Prison Warden (uncredited)
Luigi Scavran
Guard at Stone Pit (uncredited)
José Terrón
Complice di Walcott (uncredited)
Nino Vingelli
Giocatore (uncredited)
Did you know?
The original title of the film was "Duel in the Wind." Lee Van Cleef came up with the Italian title while discussing the movie with John Phillip Law who sighted the film was a "man to man" story. Van Cleef remarked, "Why don't they call it 'From Man to Man'?" The Italian producers liked how it sounded in Italian ("Da Uomo a Uomo") so much they used it. And then the film was subsequently retitled "Death Rides a Horse" in English speaking markets, which Law said he never liked.
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When Bill talks to the girl in the inn, before the bandits arrive, the long shot shows her face in shadows. When it goes to a closer shot, her right eye has was highlighted by sunlight.
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When we first see Bill Meceita (John Phillip Law), he is practicing his shooting. The first revolver he shoots, a six-shot Colt Peacemaker, turns out to be a 9 shooter, and the second is an 11 shooter.
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At about 38 minutes the barman is thrown out of window and when he re-enters the saloon he is shot, after which he falls into the street. He is then seen being thrown out of the bar a second time almost immediately afterwards.
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Ryan: If you're going to follow somebody, youngster, do a better job of it. This world is full of nervous characters. They'd shoot you in the back first, and then introduce themselves.
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Ryan: Good luck, son.
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Ryan: My gun.
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Luigi Pistilli