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106 min | Germany:93 min (TV version)
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Jonas Pate
3 wins
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-01-30
Filming Locations: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Opening Weekend: $279,103 (USA) (1 February 1998)
Gross: $572,433 (USA) (15 February 1998)
Renée Zellweger
Renée Zellweger
Michael Parks
Michael Parks
Tim Roth
Chris Penn
Det. Phillip Braxton
Michael Rooker
Det. Edward Kennesaw
Ellen Burstyn
Rosanna Arquette
Mrs. Kennesaw
Don Winston
Mark Damon
Wayland's Father
J.C. Quinn
Jody Wilhelm
Mrs. Wayland
Ocie Pouncie
Bob Hungerford
Genevieve Butler
Mary Kennesaw
Chelsea Butler
Chelsea Kennesaw
David Alan Pickelsimer
Billy Kennesaw (as David Alan Pickelsimer II)
Paul Smith
Wayland's Girlfriend's Father
George Nannarello
Laughing Officer (as George Nannerello)
Michael Flippo
Police Officer
James Middleton
Police Officer #2
Karina Logue
Sorority Girl
Ashley M. Rogers
Woman in Park
Jim Lynch
Passer by
Jim Gooden
Detective (uncredited)
Tamara Burnham Mercer
Misty (uncredited)
Timothy E. Nesbitt
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Matthew Temple
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Did you know?
The name of the character played by Renee Zellweger,"Elizabeth Loftus" is a reference to the distinguished psychologist of the same name, noted for her studies in clinically created false memories.
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James Walter Wayland: I'm cutting across the park, just below the reservoir. It's a nice night. I feel like walking. I met a girl on the path I knew. We had a brief conversation, then I continued on. I never saw her again.
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Did Wayland actually die?
No, he didn't. The black pills he took were the ones he purchased from Mook (Ellen Burstyn), who also happened to be Phillips' bookie. As he was leaving she said something to the effect of "Careful with those, you take those wrong you go into a coma," to which he replied, "That's the idea." He faked his own death in the interrogation room and Kennesaw didn't want to help him because he wanted him dead since he knew too much about him and his sexual deviance. Remember the EMS crew that picked him up were part of Mook's gang, she knew about the whole "setup," was in on it and helped perpetuate it. The funeral director that talked to Wayland's father was also part of Mook's gang, he was the one who informed Mook that Phillip had been tipped off for the bet that would've gotten him out of debt.
Did Kennesaw kill Elizabeth?
It is possible, it's not what the movie implied but it is possible. If the whole story was a setup and this was a big head game to mess with Kennesaw and his failed life, then that makes a lot of sense as to why Wayland would run this whole setup. Kennesaw's quasi-confession after Wayland's version of the story, helped ruin Kennesaw and whatever life/reputation he had left. If you believe that Kennesaw did kill Elizabeth that doesn't explain why Wayland was in the park at the end of the movie with seemingly bad intentions. You could possibly think that he was merely wanting to replace Elizabeth as his confidant but that wouldn't explain why he looked like he was looking for trouble when he talked to the prostitute at the end.
Who killed who?
<> The movie never clearly states what happened but it implies that Wayland (Tim Roth), killed the prostitute Elizabeth (Rene Zellweger) originally. How did it do that? When Wayland came back at the end, he was the one in the park picking up prostitutes not Kennesaw (Michael Rooker). It can then be deduced that he was the one who killed the original prostitute.
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