Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection
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Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

111 min
Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller | War
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Aaron Norris
Country: USA
Release Date: 1990-08-24
Filming Locations: Bee Cliff, Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA
Opening Weekend: $1,854,379 (USA) (26 August 1990)
Gross: $6,154,944 (USA) (23 September 1990)
Chuck Norris
Col. Scott McCoy
Billy Drago
Ramon Cota
John P. Ryan
Gen. Taylor
Richard Jaeckel
DEA Agent John Page
Paul Perri
Maj. Bobby Chavez
Héctor Mercado
Miguel (as Hector Mercado)
Mark Margolis
Gen. Olmedo
Mateo Gómez
Ernesto Flores (as Mateo Gomez)
Ruth de Sosa
Rita Chavez
Gerald Castillo
DEA Director George Fogerty
Geoff Brewer
Maj. Anderson
Rick Prieto
Sharlene Ross
DEA Agent in Van
Michael Heit
DEA Agent in Van
Dick Warlock
DEA Agent in Van (as Richard Warlock)
Chris Castillejo
Alex Chavez
Dave Brodett
Mercenary Captain
Rina Reyes
Olmedo's Mistress
Subas Herrero
President Alcazar
Ronnie Lazaro
Quiquina's Husband
Miguel Faustmann
Host at Rio Ball
Kevin Kleppe
Wrong Ramon
Mimi Sananes Wilheim
Dancing Apple Girl
Jeff Hammett
Kelly Wicker
Trevor Kunz
Ray Vernall
Ramon's Bodyguard (as Ruel Vernal)
Roland Dantes
Ramon's Bodyguard
Roldan Aquino
Ramon's Bodyguard (as Rolando Aquino)
Cris Aguilar
Ramon's Bodyguard
Reynaldo Guiao Jr.
Ramon's Bodyguard
Alberto Domínguez
Ramon's Bodyguard
Craig Judd
Michael Welborn
Roy Judd
Luis Del Castillo III
Other Mercenary
Eric Hahn
DEA Agent
Jaime Miguel
DEA Agent
Curtis Carter
DEA Agent
Pita Liboro
Vietnamese Woman
Augusto Victa
Vietnamese Man
Greg Hackbarth
Coast Guard Crewman
Jerry Lapuz
Carlos Terry
Olmeda's Servant
Alan Vafides
C-130 Pilot
Mike Warbis
C-130 Co-Pilot
Colin Massey
Steve Brown
Nils Cruz
Olmedo's Sergeant
Dan Furnad
Delta Radioman
Peter Lindsay
Delta Gunner
Andre Del Amo
Michael Myracle
Bill Campbell
Delta Soldier
Joe Collins
Delta Soldier
Thomas Davidson
Delta Soldier
Jim Dixon
Delta Soldier
Ever Etafo
Delta Soldier
Ramin Houmayoun
Delta Soldier
Ned Hourani
Delta Soldier
Peter Ladd
Delta Soldier
Tom Leith
Delta Soldier
Hakan Losnitz
Delta Soldier
Jon Mosher
Delta Soldier
Peter Norlin
Delta Soldier
Andrew Siegenthaler
Delta Soldier
Mike Silva
Delta Soldier
Berto Spoor
Delta Soldier
Don Wilson
Delta Soldier
Najid Jadali
Colombian Druglord (uncredited)
Did you know?
Cota's mansion seen in the film is the real-life Palace In The Sky located in Tagaytay City outside Manila, Philippines. The palace was erected in 1979 by former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos - known as the People's Park In The Sky.
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Ramon Cota has a Cessna sitting on the arch over the entrance to his compound. This is a reference to Pablo Escobar, a similar flamboyant real-life Columbian drug dealer who also had such an entrance to his compound.
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Five crew members were killed in a helicopter accident during filming. The film is dedicated in their memory. They were: Jojo Imperiale (pilot), Geoff Brewer (stuntman/Actor: Maj. Anderson), Gadi Danzig (cameraman), Mike Graham (key grip) & Don Marshall (gaffer).
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When Col. McCoy and the others are pined down in the village. McCoy Shoots one of Cota's men and the slid on his automatic locks back. Then he tells the girl to go get in the hut and shoots at least 8 more times with the slid locked back.
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As Ramon Cota is being pulled up to the helicopter high above the ground, Col. Scott McCoy watches Cota's harness rope coming apart. When the rope breaks, Cota falls through the sky, and there is clearly a parachute pack on him in the harness that shouldn't have been there.
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The enemy helicopter fires more than four rockets, when it only has four rocket tubes.
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Ramon Cota: We could have been such a beautiful team.
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General Taylor: Bye-bye, asshole!
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General Taylor: [Cota's mountain headquarters] is heavily guarded on all three sides.
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What are the differences between the British BBFC 18 DVD and the uncut version?
The British DVD of this Chuck Norris flick misses out one neck break sequence of about 4 seconds. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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