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30 min | USA:30 min (146 episodes)
Comedy | Family
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1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1959-10-04
Jay North
Dennis Mitchell
Gloria Henry
Alice Mitchell
Herbert Anderson
Henry Mitchell
Billy Booth
Tommy Anderson
Joseph Kearns
George Wilson
Sylvia Field
Martha Wilson
Did you know?
The character of "Dennis Mitchell" was ranked at #8 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 10 Biggest Brats" (27 March 2005 issue).
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In the United Kingdom, the show's title was shortened to "Dennis" to avoid confusion with an existing British strip with the exact same title. This latter strip came to TV as Dennis the Menace (1996)
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In the opening credits, the animated Dennis' hat changes from a fedora to a beanie cap to a fireman's hat.
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The side of the Wilsons' house closest to the Mitchell residence has an architectural inconsistency between front and back views. When viewed from Elm Street, the Mitchells' driveway appears to directly border the outside wall of the Wilsons' living room. However, in all but season 2, there is a door in the living room that exits toward the Mitchell residence. Beyond that door is a fence, sometimes with a gate that exits into the corner of the Wilsons' front yard. Viewed from the front, that gate could not exist. It would come out into the corner of the Wilsons' yard where the front yard, living room and fence meet the edge of the Mitchells' driveway.
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Throughout the series, the outside design of the Wilson's house shows two windows on each side of the front door. On the inside of the house there is no window by the front door - the window is around the corner to the left and bigger than the one by the door seen on the outside. The house design on the inside doesn't match up to outside design.
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George Wilson: Oh, Great Scott!
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George Wilson: And to think I threw out all my nerve medicine!
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Dennis Mitchell: You're the best Mom in the whole world.
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Why is actor Gale Gordon not listed as a co-star? At least for last season.
I don't know the reason Joesph Kearns left the show and he replaced him in later seasons.Joeseph Kearns died from a cerebral hemorrhage after the third season
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