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Die Another Day

133 min
Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller
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Lee Tamahori
Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 5 wins & 29 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2002-11-22
Filming Locations: Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Budget: $142,000,000
Opening Weekend: $47,072,040 (USA) (24 November 2002)
Gross: $160,942,139 (USA) (4 March 2013)
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike
Die Another Day
Kenneth Tsang
Kenneth Tsang
Die Another Day
Pierce Brosnan
James Bond
Halle Berry
Jinx Johnson
Toby Stephens
Gustav Graves
Rick Yune
Judi Dench
John Cleese
Michael Madsen
Damian Falco
Will Yun Lee
Colonel Moon
Emilio Echevarría
Mikhail Gorevoy
Lawrence Makoare
Mr. Kil
Colin Salmon
Charles Robinson
Samantha Bond
Miss Moneypenny
Ben Wee
Snooty Desk Clerk
Ho Yi
Hotel Manager
Rachel Grant
Ian Pirie
Simón Andreu
Dr. Alvarez
Mark Dymond
Van Bierk
Deborah Moore
Air Hostess
Oliver Skeete
Joaquín Martínez
Old Man Cigar Factory
Michael G. Wilson
General Chandler
Daryl Kwan
General Han
Vincent Wong
General Li
Sai-Kit Yung
General Dong (as Stuart Ong)
Manolo Caro
Cuban Waiter
Korean Scorpion Guard (as Tymarah)
Paul Darrow
Lucas Hare
Stewart Scudamore
Buckingham Palace Reporter
Bill Nash
Buckingham Palace Reporter
James Wallace
Buckingham Palace Reporter
Ami Chorlton
Buckingham Palace Reporter
Nina Armstrong
Young Woman at Sword Club (uncredited)
Alan Bond
Reporter (uncredited)
Stephanie Burns
Cameo Role (uncredited)
David Decio
Mr. Kil's Personal Ice Palace Assistant / Jinx's Personal Driver (uncredited)
Anna Edwards
Ice Palace Guest (uncredited)
Lynne Hazelden
Ice Palace - TV Crew / Reporter (uncredited)
Christine Hewett
Ice Palace Guest (uncredited)
Thomas Ho
Korean Guard (uncredited)
Aiko Horiuchi
Cameo (uncredited)
Lea Jerova
Ice Palace Girl (uncredited)
Tatiana Lavrentieva
Guest at Ice Palace (uncredited)
Derek Lea
Gustav Palace Guard (uncredited)
Wendy Leech
Extra at Blades (uncredited)
Justin Lewellyn
Extra at Blades (uncredited)
Gerard Naprous
Old Man at Sword Club (uncredited)
Catherine Porter
Ice Palace Party Guest (uncredited)
Christopher Schönning
Army Guy (uncredited)
Sherry Stone
Cuban Cigar Roller (uncredited)
Rocky Taylor
Man at Sword Club (uncredited)
Trevor White
Jumpmaster (uncredited)
Did you know?
The magazine with the picture of Gustav Graves that Bond reads on the British Airways flight is the real in-flight magazine for British Airways. Called "High Life", the edition seen was for the month of November 2002. The Magazine in fact interviews Toby Stephens, the actor who plays Graves, about his part and includes an article on all previous Bond Movies and their respective stunts.
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The character Wai Lin, played by Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), was originally supposed to make her return, aiding Bond in Hong Kong, but no arrangement could be worked out with the actress and she was replaced by Chinese Intelligence agent (and hotelier) Chang. Wai Lin's presence is confirmed by an extra on the DVD release concerning the writing of the script: Barbara Broccoli is shown leafing through an early script, and it clearly contains lines for Wai Lin.
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Both the Aston Martin and the Jaguar were completely stripped of engine and running gear. These were replaced by the Ford V8, 4WD kit and 4spd Auto 'box from Ford's Explorer. This was to help them perform on ice.
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The Icelandic car number plates shown in the film do not have the correct typeface (they used the same typeface as on British number plates).
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Colonel Moon is beating up the punching bag. Afterwards, it is unzipped and a man falls out. However, when he was beating up the punching bag, it was shaped like a regular punching bag, not like it had a man inside. If it had a man inside, there would have been a lot more air in the bag.
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When Bond leaps through the window at the clinic he takes a grape from the fruit bowl. When he goes through the door of the room he can be seen chewing and then putting another grape in his mouth and eating that one. However he only picked up one grape and therefore can't have been eating anything originally, despite his mouth moving.
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Miss Moneypenny: James...
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Jinx: Wait, don't pull it out. I'm not finished with it yet.
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James Bond: Do you believe in bad luck?
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What exotic places does Bond visit in this movie?
In the precredits scenario, Bond is undercover on a military base on the Pukch'ong Coast of North Korea negotiating a deal with Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee) -- diamonds in exchange for weaponry. Bond is taken prisoner when his identity is betrayed in a cellphone transmission to Moon's assistant Zao (Rick Yune). He is subsequently tortured until he is released in a prisoner exchange 14 months later. He is confined for recuperation on a ship near Hong Kong and stripped of his 00 status because M (Judi Dench) believes that he was revealing sensitive information to North Korea during his torture. When Bond learns that M is going to have him moved to an evaluation center in the Falklands, he jumps ship in order to track down his betrayer. From a Chinese Intelligence man posing as a hotel manager, he learns that Zao has been sighted in Havana, Cuba. Once in Cuba, Bond learns that Zao is staying at a gene therapy clinic on an island in the Los Organos. There he meets U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) agent Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson (Halle Berry). Jinx kills the clinic director and Bond blows up the clinic, but Zao escapes. From a necklace that Bond grabbed from Zao's neck, he uncovers several diamonds, all chemically alike to conflict diamonds from Africa and all bearing the mark of Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens), a diamond miner from Iceland. After making the acquaintance of Graves in a rousing sword fight at the local fencing club, Bond is invited to Iceland to view the unveiling of the Icarus project. In an attempt to stop Graves from using Icarus to cut a path through the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, Bond sneaks aboard an airplane that takes him to the Pyongang Airbase in North Korea.
Is it ever revealed who betrayed Bond in North Korea?
Earlier in the movie, when Bond was still in Iceland, he confronts Graves, but Miranda Frost enters the room and points her gun at Bond. Miranda reveals that she has been working as a double agent, both for MI6 and for Graves, and that it was she herself who betrayed Bond to Zao and then leaked military secrets that Bond was accused of revealing during his 14 months of torture.
What is the Icarus project?
Icarus is an orbital mirror satellite that captures the sun's rays and focuses them at the Earth. It is hailed as a way of providing sunlight and warmth, like a second sun, to the darker parts of the Earth so that crops can be grown to end world hunger. Unfortunately, Icarus can also be used to focus the sun's energy for destructive purposes.
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