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89 min
Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi
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Jake West
Country: UK
Release Date: 2009-06-12
Filming Locations: West Sussex, England, UK
Budget: $4,000,000
Opening Weekend: £56,484 (UK) (14 June 2009)
Gross: £109,060 (UK) (21 June 2009)
Emil Marwa
Emil Marwa
Danny Dyer
Noel Clarke
Lee Ingleby
Keith-Lee Castle
Christina Cole
Terry Stone
Sergeant Gavin Wright
Neil Maskell
Emily Booth
The Snipper
Stephen Graham
Victoria Hopkins
The Bride
Deborah Hyde
The Barmaid
Nicola Jane Reading
The Witch / Zombird Army - Nightgown
Joelle Simpson
The Dentist
Deborah Perry
Tree Carr
Julie Mini-Mart
Ria Knowles
Lorry O'Toole
Annie Vanders
Joanne Cutts
The Butcher (as Joanne Marie Cutts)
Lynda Dagley
The Vicar
Julie Dunne
The Traffic Warden
Beryl Nesbitt
Mikey's Nan
Christopher Elson
Graham's Boyfriend
Adele Silva
Caroline Head
Patrick's Wife
Zac Mattoon O'Brien
Skateboard Kid (as Zacchariah Mattoon O'Brien)
Debbie Flett
Hot Barmaid
Toby Richards
Mary Tamm
Meg Nut
Billy Murray
Frank Rizzo
Joe Normal
Alison Carroll
The Teen
Jenna Goodwin
Dorothy Perkins
Danielle Laws
Swinger 1
Roxy Velvet
Swinger 2
Luke Lynch
Comic Store Guy
Amy Brunette
Sassy Girl 1
Tara Scotter
Sassy Girl 2
Sophie Pyecroft
Leggy Fence Sick Chick (as Sophie Pycroft)
Richard Cooke
Eviscerated Barman
Ian Limv
Man with Dog
Amy Clancy
Kebab Lady
David Charlambros
Reginald Pawson (as David Charalambous)
Caroline Wall
Zombird Army - Hooded Woman
Erin Williams
Zombird Army - Punk
Sophie Challen
Zombird Army - Country Western
Zombird Army - Hooker
Karen Byrne-Roberts
Zombird Army - 80's Cocktail
Siobhan Anthony
Zombird Army - Ballroom
Carla Akehurst
Zombird Army - Aerobics 1
Leonie Turner
Zombird Army - Aerobics 2
Carole Doyle
Zombird Army - Sexy Bedtime
Poppy Scott
Zombird Army - Villager 1
Sam Adcock
Zombird Army - Villager 2
Melanie Light
Zombird Army - Space Nerd
Tess Adcock
Zombird Army - Artist
Tania Chant
Zombird Army - Pregnant (as Tanya Chant)
Carla Huddington
Zombird Army - Secretary 1
Nina Ayres
Zombird Army - Villager 3
Heather Trott
Zombird Army - Villager 4
Judith Lewis
Zombird Army - Secretary 2
Celia Gibson
Zombird Army - Rabbi's Wife
Aarti Parajia
Zombird Army - Pyjamas
Mary MacLennan
Zombird Army - Flower Arranger
Dani Dyer
Zombird Army - Ballerina
Faye Adcock
Zombird Army - Shower
Tabitha Tudor
Zombird Army - Mother of the Bride
Natalie Roberts
Zombird Army - Nurse
Hayley Crompton
Zombird Army - Maypole
Amy Burnett
Sassy Girl #2 (uncredited)
Did you know?
The name of the company that drives them to the village is West Tours named after the film's director Jake West.
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The cast and crew were plagued by wasps throughout the shooting of this film.
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The town of Moodley was actually an elaborate set built in an old abandoned hospital; the cast and crew lived in this place throughout the making of the movie.
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When Matt gives Vince his "backup" water-gun, its tank is full. Vince holds it up to see that it is almost empty. In the next shot it is full again.
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It is established in the film that it is the use of a contaminated washing up powder that has caused the women of the village to turn into zombies. The film also stipulates that only exposure to the washing up powder will cause infection. Based on this, how can Candy also turn into a zombie after having not been to the village before, nor using the washing up powder herself?
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When Matt is attacked by the scissors lady outside the house he is fighting her and the camera changes and the lady is not there and Matt is just pointing at the other women. Then the camera changes back and Matt is still fighting the scissors lady.
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Banksy: It could be worse!
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Bex: Well you can celebrate your own divorce with him!
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Mikey: Now you decide to shoot something, you fucking monkey's arse ring!
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Emil Marwa Jessica-Jane Stafford
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