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Donnie Darko

113 min | 133 min (director's cut)
Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
Richard Kelly
11 wins & 12 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2002-01-30
Filming Locations: Santa Clarita, California, USA
Budget: $4,500,000
Opening Weekend: $24,728 (USA) (6 June 2004)
Gross: $727,883 (USA) (3 October 2004)
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore
Donnie Darko
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze
Donnie Darko
Jake Gyllenhaal
Donnie Darko
Holmes Osborne
Eddie Darko
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Elizabeth Darko
Daveigh Chase
Samantha Darko
Mary McDonnell
Rose Darko
James Duval
Arthur Taxier
Dr. Fisher
Mark Hoffman
Police Officer
David St. James
Bob Garland
Tom Tangen
Man in Red Jogging Suit
Jazzie Mahannah
Joanie James
Jolene Purdy
Cherita Chen
Stuart Stone
Ronald Fisher
Gary Lundy
Sean Smith
Alex Greenwald
Seth Devlin
Beth Grant
Kitty Farmer
Jena Malone
Gretchen Ross
Seth Rogen
Ricky Danforth
David Moreland
Principal Cole
Noah Wyle
Prof. Kenneth Monnitoff
Kristina Malota
Susie Bates
Marina Malota
Emily Bates
Carly Naples
Suzy Bailey
Patience Cleveland
Roberta Sparrow
Katharine Ross
Dr. Lilian Thurman
Lisa K. Wyatt
Linda Connie
Rachel Winfree
Shanda Riesman
Jack Salvatore Jr.
Larry Riesman
Lee Weaver
Phyllis Lyons
Anne Fisher
Ashley Tisdale
Kim, Dorky Girl
Alison Jones
Dorky Half-Sister
Jerry Trainor
Lanky Kid
Joan Blair
Mystery Woman
Fran Kranz
Scotty Leavenworth
Conrad Angel Corral
Vice Principal (uncredited)
Phil Hawn
Teacher (uncredited)
Nancy Juvonen
Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Margaret Kontra Palmer
Concerned Mother (uncredited)
Dee Austin Robertson
Movie Ticket Salesman (uncredited)
Jack Truman
Teacher (uncredited)
Did you know?
During the film Donnie surrenders to the 3 temptations which Jim Cunningham mentions: alcohol, drugs and premarital sex. The other film that was being played in the cinema where Donnie and Gretchen watched "Evil Dead" was "The Last Temptation of Christ".
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Voted #9 in Film4's "50 Films To See Before You Die".
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As shown by the license plate on Frank's car at the end of the film, as well as many other cars in the film, "Donnie Darko" actually takes place in Virginia.
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During life line exercise activity when Ms. Farmer pulls the board into class, there is a black duster on the board just above the rectangular shape. When she starts distributing life line exercise cards, the duster shifts its position to right. When Cherita comes to the board, it's back in its original position.
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The unmarried Jim Cunningham wears a wedding band throughout the film. According to Richard Kelly, this is an element of his untrustworthy and mysterious nature.
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The movie is set in 1988, but license plates, book editions, news photographs and products from 1989-1999 appear throughout. These anachronisms fit in with the movie's themes of time travel and altered realities. (Chapter 4 even mentions how things from the future, such as Mayans having arrow heads, are symbols of future being brought to the past - these anachronisms are on purpose.)
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Dr. Lilian Thurman: What is going to happen?
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Jim Cunningham: Guess he was "sleepgolfing"?
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Ronald Fisher: [to Cherita Chen] Hey, Porky Pig, I hope you get molested.
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Why does Dr. Thurman react the way she does to Donnie's comment about the sky opening up?
She's concerned that Donnie might be on the verge of a psychotic breakdown.
Is the Philosophy of Time Travel a real book? Are there more pages to the Philosophy of Time Travel?
No. Director Richard Kelly wrote it during the editing stages of the film and was intending to incorporate it into the original version but time and budget constraints prevented this. Although the book Dr. Monnitoff gives to Donnie seems to have many pages, only those that are shown on the website and on the DVD were created by Kelly.The Director's Cut restores the original vision of the pages that Kelly wanted.
How old are Donnie and the other characters supposed to be?
Donnie Darko: 16 (his birth date is 5-28-72 as stated on the website) Elizabeth Darko: 19 Samantha Darko: 10 Rose Darko: 42 Eddie Darko: 44
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