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65 min (2 episodes, excluding commercials) | 48 min (5 episodes, excluding commercials)
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Won 3 Golden Globes. Another 42 wins & 149 nominations
Country: UK
Filming Locations: The Charterhouse, Charterhouse Square, London, England, UK
Richard E. Grant
Richard E. Grant
Downton Abbey
Jeremy Swift
Jeremy Swift
Downton Abbey
Andrew Westfield
Andrew Westfield
Downton Abbey
MyAnna Buring
MyAnna Buring
Downton Abbey
Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen
Downton Abbey
Hugh Bonneville
Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham
Laura Carmichael
Lady Edith Crawley
Jim Carter
Charles Carson
Brendan Coyle
John Bates
Michelle Dockery
Lady Mary Crawley
Joanne Froggatt
Anna Bates
Rob James-Collier
Thomas Barrow
Phyllis Logan
Mrs. Hughes
Elizabeth McGovern
Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham
Sophie McShera
Daisy Mason
Lesley Nicol
Mrs. Patmore
Maggie Smith
Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham
Penelope Wilton
Isobel Crawley
Allen Leech
Tom Branson
Kevin Doyle
Joseph Molesley
David Robb
Dr. Clarkson
Siobhan Finneran
Sarah O'Brien
Dan Stevens
Matthew Crawley
Jessica Brown Findlay
Lady Sybil Crawley
Lily James
Lady Rose MacClare
Did you know?
As of 2013, Downton Abbey is the highest rated PBS "Masterpiece" drama series of all time, seen by an estimated 120 million viewers in 200 countries and regions.
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As a guest on Late Show with David Letterman: Episode #19.88 (2012), Michelle Dockery revealed that, given her working class background, had she been affiliated in any way with society depicted in the story's time frame, she would most likely have been her housemaid Anna rather than the aristocratic Lady Mary Crawley she portrays so convincingly in the series.
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During the second season, the Abbey is turned into a recovery house for troops. In real life, the Countess during World War I turned the house into a hospital. Unlike Cora Crawley, the Countess eagerly opened her home and there are letters in some of the rooms from former patients thanking her for her hospitality.
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Although Robert and Cora Crawley both have blue eyes, their daughter, Mary, has brown eyes. This was thought biologically impossible in the Davenport Model (1907), although not very common, two blue-eyed parents can produce children with brown eyes. Eye color is a complex trait that depends on the state of several interacting genes. The gene that usually decides the issue (blue eyes or brown eyes) is the OCA2 gene on chromosome 15. But it comes in different strengths. A person with a weak form of the OCA2 gene will have blue eyes. Likewise a person with a strong form will have brown eyes, but individuals also have other eye-color genes that each has a say in the final eye-color outcome. For example, if one of these lesser genes is strong, it can make the weak form (blue) of OCA2 work much more effectively - almost like the strong form (brown). Then the eye color may be brown. In fact, the resulting color can be any shade of brown, hazel, green or blue depending on the interactions.
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Why is Cora an American?
Between the 1870s and the outbreak of WWI in 1914, hundreds of wealthy American women visited England and Europe to marry aristocrats. The earliest American heiresses married impoverished aristocrats because they were snubbed by American high society, but the later heiresses wanted titles and to mingle with European royalty. Cora was born to Isidore Levinson, a dry goods multi-millionaire from Cincinnati. She arrived in England, with her mother, in 1888, at the age of 20, and was engaged to Robert, then Viscount (pronounced vie-count) Downton by the end of her first season. It is not that remarkable that she is American. Britain still welcomes the odd American to its shores.More info on American heiresses here:
Who has wanted to join the cast of Downton Abbey?
This seems to change all the time, but seems to include Posh Spice, David Boreanaz, Mike Tyson, Angelica Huston, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Roger Moore and Ryan Gosling.Olivia Colman seems to be one of the few people who doesn't want to join the cast. (Although she played O'Brien in a spoof).
How did the episodes skip from 1912 to 1924?
Downton Abbey: (#1.1): April 1912Downton Abbey: (#1.2): September 1912Downton Abbey: (#1.3): March 1913Downton Abbey: (#1.4): May 1913Downton Abbey: (#1.5): August 1913Downton Abbey: (#1.6): May 1914Downton Abbey: (#1.7): July-August 1914Downton Abbey: (#2.1): November 1916Downton Abbey: (#2.2): April 1917Downton Abbey: (#2.3): July 1917Downton Abbey: (#2.4): February 1918Downton Abbey: (#2.5): August 1918Downton Abbey: (#2.6): November 1918Downton Abbey: (#2.7): March 1919Downton Abbey: (#2.8): April 1919Downton Abbey: Christmas at Downton Abbey (#2.9): Christmas 1919 (Decemer 1919 - January 1920)Downton Abbey: (#3.1): March 1920Downton Abbey: (#3.2): April 1920Downton Abbey: (#3.3): May 1920Downton Abbey: (#3.4): June 1920Downton Abbey: (#3.5): July 1920Downton Abbey: (#3.6): July 1920Downton Abbey: (#3.7): August 1920Downton Abbey: (#3.8): September 1920Downton Abbey: Christmas Special 2012 (#3.9): September 1921Downton Abbey: (#4.1): February 1922Downton Abbey: (#4.2): March 1922Downton Abbey: (#4.3): April 1922Downton Abbey: (#4.4): April 1922Downton Abbey: (#4.4): May 1922Downton Abbey: (#4.6): June 1922Downton Abbey: (#4.7): July 1922Downton Abbey: (#4.8): August 1922Downton Abbey: The London Season (#4.9): May 1923Downton Abbey: (#5.1): February 1924Downton Abbey: (#5.2): April 1924Downton Abbey: (#5.3): Mid 1924Downton Abbey: (#5.4): Mid 1924Downton Abbey: (#5.5): September 1924Downton Abbey: (#5.6): September 1924Downton Abbey: (#5.7): September 1924 - October 1924Downton Abbey: (#5.8): October 1924Downton Abbey: A Moorland Holiday (#5.9): October 1924- Christmas Eve 1924The PBS broadcast for series one acknowledged the passing of time with on-screen dates stamps more frequently than did the ITV broadcast. To learn more about dates in series one, refer to the script book by Julian Fellowes.Timeline credited to the Downton Abbey Wiki and the separate Wikipedia.
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Richard E. Grant Timothy Carlton Matthew Goode Jeremy Swift Andrew Westfield MyAnna Buring Tom Cullen Rosie Jones