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103 min
Drama | Thriller | Mystery | Romance
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Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Country: USA
Release Date: 1946-04-10
Filming Locations: 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA
Gertrude Astor
Gertrude Astor
Gene Tierney
Miranda Wells
Walter Huston
Ephraim Wells
Vincent Price
Nicholas Van Ryn
Glenn Langan
Dr. Jeff Turner
Anne Revere
Abigail Wells
Spring Byington
Connie Marshall
Katrine Van Ryn
Harry Morgan
Klaas Bleecker
Vivienne Osborne
Johanna Van Ryn
Jessica Tandy
Peggy O'Malley
Trudy Marshall
Elizabeth Van Borden
Arthur Aylesworth
Shelby Bacon
Boy Dancer (uncredited)
Robert Baldwin
Walter Baldwin
Tom Wilson - Farmer (uncredited)
Trevor Bardette
Bill Carter
Man (uncredited)
Ruth Cherrington
Dowager (uncredited)
John Chollot
French Count (uncredited)
Clancy Cooper
Jamie Dana
Seth Wells
Edwin Davis
Boy Dancer (uncredited)
Wally Dean
Servant (uncredited)
Scott Elliott
Tom Wells (uncredited)
Nestor Eristoff
Man (uncredited)
Tom Fadden
Otto Gebhardt - Farmer (uncredited)
Betty Fairfax
Mrs. McNab
George Ford
Man (uncredited)
Ruth Ford
Cornelia Van Borden
Michael Garrison
Zack Wilson (uncredited)
Henry Hebert
Party Guest (uncredited)
Robert 'Buzz' Henry
Messenger Boy (uncredited)
Keith Hitchcock
Mr. McNabb (uncredited)
Harry Humphrey
Boyd Irwin
Tompkins the Butler (uncredited)
Ted Jordan
Man (uncredited)
Virginia Lee
Helena Vanderhyde (uncredited)
Pierce Lyden
Murdered Man (uncredited)
Robert Malcolm
Thomas Martin
Servant (uncredited)
Walter Marx
Boy (uncredited)
Jane Nigh
Tabitha Wells
Steve Olsen
Vendor on Boat (uncredited)
Francis Pierlot
Dr. Brown (uncredited)
Addison Richards
Head Farmer (uncredited)
Mickey Roth
Nathaniel Wells (uncredited)
Alexander Sascha
Man (uncredited)
Reinhold Schünzel
Count De Grenier (uncredited)
Larry Steers
Servant (uncredited)
Grady Sutton
Astor House Clerk (uncredited)
Art Thompson
Servant (uncredited)
David Vallard
Obadiah (uncredited)
Nanette Vallon
French Countess (uncredited)
Maya Van Horn
Countess De Grenier (uncredited)
Charles Waldron
Elizabeth Williams
Dowager (uncredited)
Al Winters
Servant (uncredited)
Douglas Wood
Mayor Curtis
Did you know?
In the first cut, Miranda meets Dr. Turner on the riverboat going to Dragonwyck. Although it was cut by order of producer Zanuck, actor Glenn Langan can still be seen from behind walking toward Miranda. A brief opening scene showing Miranda reading a novel in a graveyard was also cut.
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Gregory Peck was the first choice to play Nicholas Van Ryn, but he bowed out when he learned Ernst Lubitsch was dropping out as director. When second choice Laird Cregar died, Price was assigned.
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Last film in the long career of Vivienne Osborne.
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As Miranda and Van Ryn dance through the doorway from the balcony into the ballroom, she holds her closed fan in her hand. When the shot changes after they enter the room, the fan dangles from her wrist.
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Nicholas Van Ryn: [dying words] That's right. Take off your hats in the presence of the patroon.
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Johanna Van Ryn: You can't imagine what it's like to be sick in this miserable, drab house.
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Miranda Wells: The breeze feels wonderful against my face.
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Gertrude Astor