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Drive Angry

104 min
Action | Crime | Fantasy | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Patrick Lussier
2 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-02-25
Filming Locations: Burma Rd & 4th St, Minden, Louisiana, USA
Budget: $50,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,187,625 (USA) (27 February 2011)
Gross: $10,706,786 (USA) (17 April 2011)
Amber Heard
Amber Heard
Drive Angry
Nicolas Cage
William Fichtner
The Accountant
Billy Burke
Jonah King
David Morse
Todd Farmer
Frank Raimi
Charlotte Ross
Tom Atkins
Jack McGee
Fat Lou
Katy Mixon
Norma Jean
Wanetah Walmsley
American Indian Mother
Robin McGee
Guy with Camera Phone
Fabian C. Moreno
Latino Busboy
Edrick Browne
Marc Macaulay
Julius Washington
Uniformed Officer
Jamie Teer
Bryan Massey
Trooper #1
Timothy Walter
Trooper #2 (as Tim Walter)
Kent Jude Bernard
Teen #1
Brent Phillip Henry
Teen #2 (as Brent Henry)
Gerry May
TV Male News Reporter #1
Sherri Talley
TV Female News Reporter #2
Arianne Margot
Milton's Daughter (Older) (as Arianne Martin)
Con Schell
Fucking Driver
Nick Gomez
Fucking Middle
Joe Chrest
Fucking Passenger
Oakley Lehman
Cultist with Iron Pipe
Thirl Haston
Cultist with Sickle (as Thirl R. Haston)
Jake Brake
Cultist with Machete
Tim J. Smith
Cultist with Hatchet
Jeffrey J. Dashnaw
Cowboy with Cattle Prod (as Jeff Dashnaw)
Tim Trella
Cultist with Sledge
James Landry Hébert
Man in Leather Jacket (as James Hébert)
Kenneth Wayne Bradley
Man with Wig
Kendrick Hudson
Burly Dude
Michael Papajohn
Tattooed Guy
April Littlejohn
Business Woman
Henry Kingi
Thin Old Man (as Henry M. Kingi)
Simona Williams
Lady in Leopard Skin
Shelby Swatek
Truck Driving Woman
Joseph Blackstone
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Dan Forest
American Indian Dad (uncredited)
Elise Fyke
Laughing Cowgirl (uncredited)
Jonathan O'Rear
Resturant Patron (uncredited)
James Paul
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Alice Searcy
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Lanie Taylor
Milton's Daughter - Younger (uncredited)
David Lee Valle
Highway Patrol (uncredited)
Did you know?
The name of Milton's friend, Webster, could be derived from the short story "The Devil and Daniel Webster." In the story, Webster is hired to defend someone against the devil.
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The coin the Accountant uses throughout the movie is an Obolos, from ancient Greece. In those days, Obolos were placed in a dead man's hand (or two over his eyelids) by mourners as payment to Charon the Ferryman, who was in charge of crossing souls over river Styx into Hades, the Greek version of Hell. This would support the Accountant's role as a retriever of lost souls.
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When Milton and Piper are driving down the road, they run over a dead snake. This is a foreshadowing to symbolize good overcoming evil (snake=serpent=devil).
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When The Accountant is driving the hydrogen truck, the truck is incorrectly labeled with a UN hazardous materials placard bearing the number 1075. 1075 is the UN number for liquid propane, not hydrogen.
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At the hotel near the Bull by the Balls nightclub there are palm trees. Palm trees do not survive in Oklahoma's climate.
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At the bar in "Oklahoma" the waitress asks for a membership card because it is a "dry" county. There are no "dry" counties in OK, that's Texas.
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The Accountant: What's that supposed to mean?
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Webster: Milton, if memory serves, you were always partial to the Chevelle, yes?
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Teen #2: You almost fucking killed me, man.
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