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Due South

46 min
Adventure | Drama | Comedy | Crime
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18 wins & 37 nominations
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1994-09-15
Filming Locations: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Catherine Bruhier
Catherine Bruhier
Due South
Paul Gross
Constable Benton Fraser
Beau Starr
Lt. Harding Welsh
Tony Craig
Jack Huey
David Marciano
Ray Vecchio
Gordon Pinsent
Fraser Sr.
Camilla Scott
Margaret Thatcher
Ramona Milano
Francesca Vecchio
Daniel Kash
Louis Gardino
Did you know?
While frequently shown as having four seasons (2 full seasons and 2 short seasons) the production company sells the show in a set of 3 seasons.
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David Marciano opted not to return to the series after a contract dispute with Alliance Atlantis, the production company. His character of Ray was replaced by Callum Keith Rennie. The writers wrote Rennie into the story by saying the original Ray Vecchio had gone deep undercover with the mob which was why the appearance change of Ray took place.
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The leather bar in episodes 109 and 108 ("A Chicago Holiday" parts 1 and 2) is actually the set of The Raven, Janette's nightclub from the television series "Forever Knight".
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Fraser throws the knife at the dart board in "Seeing is Believing." Yet when they switch back to him, he's still got it in his hand and quickly hides it behind his back.
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Fraser's left hand is stepped on in "Easy Money" yet Quinn tends to the right hand.
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Most of the city scenes are set in Chicago, IL, USA. However, if you watch the street signs you will see 'One Way' and 'Do Not Enter' signs without words on them, which are typical for Canadian cities (due to bilingualism laws worded signs would have to be in English and French). Also, speed limit signs can be seen posted in kilometers/hour instead of miles.
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Ray Vecchio: The gunman sir, he was wearing a cashmere jacket and he was driving a black Cadillac. These are kind of expensive things for a two-bit hood, would you not say so, sir?
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Fraser: There is nothing more frustrating than playing hide and seek with a deaf wolf.
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Benton Fraser: Ray, you know, you really should try to keep your things a little more organized.
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Are the ghosts Fraser sees real or in his head?
The likely answer seems to be that they are real as other people such as Gerrard and Buck Frobisher also see them and hear what they're saying. The supernatural seems to exist in Due South as we also have an episode featuring a man with psychic powers.
How come Frasier sometimes wears a brown uniform?
The iconic scarlet uniform of the Mounties is actually their formal dress worn only on ceremonial duties such as when Frasier and Turnbull are guarding the consulate. For daily duties they wear a much more drab and practical tan coloured uniform. After the first season however we only ever see them in formal dress.
Why does the actor who plays Ray change between the first and second series?
David Marciano wanted a more equal salary and on-screen status with Paul Gross. This could not be accomodated so Marciano was largely absent from the 1997 series but returns for 3 stories, including the finale in order to give Ray Vechio a fitting send off. In the 1997 series this is explained by Ray going undercover as a mobster whom he resembles and his place being taken by another police officer, Stanley Kowalski, who assumes his identity in order to preserve his cover.
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