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90 min | USA:74 min (original version)
Action | Mystery | Thriller
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Steven Spielberg
Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 3 wins & 3 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1971-11-13
Filming Locations: Acton, California, USA
Dennis Weaver
David Mann
Jacqueline Scott
Mrs. Mann
Eddie Firestone
Cafe Owner
Lou Frizzell
Bus Driver
Lucille Benson
Lady at Snakerama
Tim Herbert
Gas Station Attendant
Charles Seel
Old Man
Shirley O'Hara
Alexander Lockwood
Old Man in Car
Amy Douglass
Old Woman in Car
Dick Whittington
Radio Interviewer (voice)
Carey Loftin
The Truck Driver
Dale Van Sickel
Car Driver (as Dale VanSickle)
Shawn Steinman
Girl on school bus (uncredited)
Did you know?
After airing on U.S. TV, Steven Spielberg expanded it into a feature; this was the version released in Europe.
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Steven Spielberg said that the multiple license plates on the front bumper of the truck suggested that the truck driver is a serial killer which "ran down other drivers in other states".
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It was Dennis Weaver's role in Touch of Evil (1958) that convinced Steven Spielberg that he would be perfect for the role of David Mann.
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During the final chase, there are several shots where it appears that Dave Mann has bloody upper teeth as if he had an injury inside his mouth. It is most apparent in the side shots.
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When Mann pulls up to the railroad crossing, the pavement is asphalt with white stripes painted at the crossing gate. However, when the truck starts pushing Mann's car and he applies the brakes then spins the tires in reverse, the asphalt has become dirt and small rocks.
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During the scene at the railway crossing, in one shot the lettering on the freight cars appears in mirror image. (It is not possible that we're seeing a reflection in the rear view mirror, as the train is in front of the car and still seems to be moving the right way anyway).
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Radio Interviewer: [discussing an amateur talent competition] So, what is it that you do, if I may ask?
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Cafe Owner: [as David Mann exits cafe restroom and enters dining area] Are you all right?
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David Mann: How can he go so fast?
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Photos from cast
Gene Dynarski