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107 min
Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Justin Lin
4 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-04-03
Filming Locations: 310 W Green St, Pasadena, California, USA
Budget: $85,000,000
Opening Weekend: $70,950,500 (USA) (5 April 2009)
Gross: $155,064,265 (USA) (2 July 2009)
Wilmer Calderon
Wilmer Calderon
Fast & Furious
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Fast & Furious
Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot
Fast & Furious
Vin Diesel
Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker
Brian O'Conner
Jordana Brewster
John Ortiz
Laz Alonso
Jack Conley
Shea Whigham
Liza Lapira
Sung Kang
Tego Calderon
Don Omar
Don Omar
Mirtha Michelle
Greg Cipes
Ron Yuan
David Park
Alejandro Patiño
Gas Truck Driver
Joe Hursley
Neil Brown Jr.
Cesar Garcia
Brandon T. Jackson
BMW Driver
Mousa Kraish
Silvia Driver
Joseph Julian Soria
Drug Runner
Don Thai Theerathada
Drug Runner (as Don Tai Theerathada)
Robert Miano
Braga Double
Frank Miranda
Dominic Jamel
Kofi Natei
McCaleb Burnett
Federal Investigator
Greg Collins
Lead Investigator
Monique Gabriela Curnen
FBI Agent
Jimmy Lin
FBI Agent
Roger Fan
FBI Agent
Brendan Wayne
FBI Agent
Lou Reyes
FBI Agent
Breon Ansley
FBI Assistant
Assaf Cohen
Border Agent
Loren Lazerine
Border Agent
Lou Beatty Jr.
Julian Starks
Christopher Gehrman
Impound Clerk
Marco Rodríguez
Mexican Priest
Naureen Zaim
Hot Girl
Becky O'Donohue
Hot Girl
Sharon Zeev
Hot Girl
Alexandra Castro
Woman in Hallway
Jaimie Sullivan
Girl at the Beach
Leigh Folsom Boyd
GPS Voice (voice) (as Leigh Folsom)
Adrienne McQueen
Valenzia Algarin
Dominican Dancer / Model (uncredited)
Lexi Baxter
Hot Girl (uncredited)
Hazel Calderon
Bar Girl 1 (uncredited)
Christian Calloway
Prisoner (uncredited)
Jason Castle
Club Goer (uncredited)
Abraham Chaidez
Braga's Henchman (uncredited)
Daniel Colletti
Fenix's Henchman #2 (uncredited)
Liberty Cordova
Hot Girl (uncredited)
Jason L. Davis
Campos Henchman (uncredited)
Barnaby De La Cruz
Kristen DeLuca
Dwight's Girl (uncredited)
Jacob Diamond
VIP Club Patron (uncredited)
Antonio Echeverria
Prisoner (uncredited)
Ashley Green Elizabeth
Henchman's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Traci Elizabeth
Supporting (uncredited)
JR Garcia
Gangster #1 (uncredited)
Jerald Garner
Border Agent #3 (uncredited)
Meredith Giangrande
Club Girl (uncredited)
Guillermo Gomez
Henchman (uncredited)
Victoria Gracie
Model / Dancer (uncredited)
Fatimah Hassan
Dancer / Model (uncredited)
Chicago Jones
Fenix's Henchman (uncredited)
Joyce Kirkconnell
Driver (uncredited)
Jeff Lam
Ricky Shigura (uncredited)
John Edward Lee
Henchman (uncredited)
Sophia Lin
Kissing Girl (uncredited)
Henchmen (uncredited)
Gilbert J. Menchaca
Ignacio Cruz (uncredited)
Mariano Mendoza
Cartel (uncredited)
Mycole Metcalf
Girl Kissing in the Hall (uncredited)
Rana Morrison
Leena (uncredited)
Michael Nance
Cartel Driver #1 (uncredited)
Christina Neferis
Dancer (uncredited)
Hash Patel
Prisoner on Bus (uncredited)
Jade Puga
Santa Domingo Girl
Shawn Rader
Street Racer (uncredited)
Lindsay Rosenberg
Model / Dancer (uncredited)
Bruna Rubio
Drug Runner's #2 Girl (uncredited)
Dancer #2 (uncredited)
Rodney Sciba
Braga's Henchman (uncredited)
LaToya Tonodeo
Hot Girl (uncredited)
Phillip Marshall Tyler
Fenix Henchman (uncredited)
Dennis Winters
Prisoner on Bus (uncredited)
David Zahedian
Braga's Henchman #1 (uncredited)
Did you know?
Due to Universal Pictures moving the release date up from June 12 to April 3rd, composer Brian Tyler only had three days to record the orchestral score.
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When Dom (Vin Diesel) visits Letty's tomb, the headstone reads "Leticia Ortiz". In Spain this caused much amusement because "Letizia Ortiz" (with Z) was a journalist who later became Queen Letizia of Spain after marrying Prince Felipe de Borbón, son of Spain's King Juan Carlos de Borbón.
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David Ayer (The Fast and the Furious (2001), Training Day (2001)) did uncredited rewrites.
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When Dom is at Brian's side in the desert near the end of the movie, they are in a vast, flat desert. When the camera pans out to show the police cars driving towards the two, the scenery dramatically changes, and resembles a Coastal Plain with grass on the ground.
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Toward the end of the chase scene where Brian's Subaru Impreza STI is rolled over, you can clearly see that the fuel tank, prop-shaft and exhaust have been removed for the stunt.
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Dominic's Chevelle has narrow wheels while in the race to make Braga's team. It may be more difficult for him take the corners with drag front wheels but not impossible even though the car was set up for a straight line, and not cornering.
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Dominic Toretto: Hey... boss man...
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Dominic Toretto: A real driver knows exactly what's in his car.
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Agent Sophie Trinh: How do you know?
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How soon after 'Tokyo Drift' ends does 'Fast & Furious' take place?
Actually Fast & Furious takes place prior to Tokyo Drift, before Han (Sung Kang) flees to Tokyo, and five years after the first movie, The Fast and the Furious, evidenced when Dom's sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) says to Brian 'That's all you have to say after five years?'
Why was Letty murdered?
Unbeknownst to Dom, Letty made a deal with Brian in exchange for the FBI clearing Dom's name. She agreed to go undercover as one of Braga's couriers in order to get evidence against him. However, Braga considers his drivers to be disposable and has them shot after they complete their jobs so that he doesn't have to pay them. Letty was able to get away, but Fenix (Laz Alonso) hunted her down, crashed her car, and killed her.
Is 'Fast & Furious' based on a book?
\Fast & Furious was filmed from a screenplay written by American screenwriter Chris Morgan, using characters created by Gary Scott Thompson in the first movie of the Fast and Furious franchise. Fast & Furious is the fourth movie in the series, preceded by The Fast and the Furious (2001), 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), and followed by Fast Five (2011) and Furious 6 (2013). Furious 7 is set for release in 2015.
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