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Femme Fatales

30 min
Mystery | Thriller
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Country: USA
Did you know?
Lilith is a reference to the character from Jewish folklore of Adam's first wife, a demon who preys on single men, and is the daughter of Asmodeus.
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The title "Femme Fatales" is not a correct French phrase. "Femme fatale" means "deadly woman," but "femmes" is the plural of "woman" in French. The word "fatale" is never made plural; there's no such word as "fatales" in French. The title, as is, would be translated "deadlys woman."
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The character played by Richard Kind of Jonathan Shields is a homage to Kirk Douglas studio executive in "The Bad & The Beautiful.'
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Leilani Sarelle Janelle Marra Tanit Phoenix Sara Lukasiewicz Anne Lee Greene Frances Reagan James
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