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Fierce Creatures

93 min
IMDB rate:
Fred Schepisi
Country: UK
Release Date: 1997-01-24
Filming Locations: England, UK
Opening Weekend: $3,759,480 (USA) (26 January 1997)
Gross: $9,202,671 (USA) (2 March 1997)
Cynthia Cleese
Cynthia Cleese
Fierce Creatures
John Cleese
Rollo Lee
Jamie Lee Curtis
Willa Weston
Kevin Kline
Vince McCain
Michael Palin
Bugsy Malone
Ronnie Corbett
Reggie Sealions
Carey Lowell
Cub Felines
Robert Lindsay
Sydney Small Mammals
Bille Brown
Neville Coltrane
Derek Griffiths
Gerry Ungulates
Richard Ridings
Hugh Primates
Maria Aitken
Di Admin
Michael Percival
Ant Keeper
Fred Evans
Flamingo Keeper
Lisa Hogan
Sealion Keeper
Choy-Ling Man
Parrot Keeper
Tim Potter
Vulture Keeper
Jenny Galloway
Aquarium Keeper
Kim Vithana
Tiger Keeper
Sean Francis
Buffalo Keeper
Julie Saunders
Rodent Keeper
Susie Blake
Woman in Red Dress
Pat Keen
Woman's Mother
Denis Lill
Woman's Husband
Gareth Hunt
Inspector Masefield
Ron Donachie
Sergeant Scott
Paul Haigh
Sergeant Irving
Kenneth Price
Kevin Kline Acting Double / Sponsor
Leon Herbert
Octopus Security Guard
Stewart Wright
Octopus Security Guard
Kerry Shale
Frightened Executive
Mac McDonald
TV Producer
Amanda Walker
Zoo Secretary
Terence Conoley
Man in Straw Hat
Tom Georgeson
Sealion Spectator
John Bardon
Sealion Spectator
Anthony Pedley
Sealion Spectator
Jennie Goossens
Georgia Reece
Hilary Gish
Brian King
Peter Silverleaf
Kevin Moore
Hotel Manager
Leslie Lowe
Assistant Hotel Manager
Iain Mitchell
Assistant Hotel Manager
Valerie Edmond
Hotel Maid
Nick Bartlett
Ricco Ross
TV Journalist
Kate Harper
TV Journalist
Nicholas Hutchison
TV Reporter
Jack Davenport
Student Zoo Keeper
Jo Ann Geary
Student Zoo Keeper
William Grove
Student Zoo Keeper
Francis Pope
Student Zoo Keeper
Jacqui Thomas
Student Zoo Keeper
Grahame Wood
Student Zoo Keeper (as David Wood)
John Alexander
Gorilla Performer 'Jambo'
Peter Elliott
Gorilla performer
Tessa Crockett
Background Gorilla
Phillip Hill
Background Gorilla
Holly Hoffman
Background Gorilla
Mario Kalli
Background Gorilla
Tina Maskell
Background Gorilla
Elizabeth O'Brien
Background Gorilla
Ailsa Berk
Panda Performer
Holli Hoffman
Animal (uncredited)
Noah Lee Margetts
Protestor (uncredited)
Did you know?
Richard Ridings plays a character named Hugh Primates who later in the film wears a gorilla suit. Ridings eventually got to play the gorilla Buck through motion capture in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011).
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In A Fish Called Wanda (1988), Jamie Lee Curtis' character had the same name as the title fish. In this film, John Cleese's character Rollo has the same name as a lemur.
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There is an obvious reference to one of John Cleese's and Michael Palin's most famous sketches, the Dead Parrot Sketch, from Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969). In the sea lion scene, two men can be heard saying: "Remarkable creatures, sea lions." "Yes, beautiful plumage." Which sounds amazingly like Palin's line in the sketch: "Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, isn't it, eh? Beautiful plumage!"
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When Vince is yelling, "He's talking to himself, and I'm the loony?" the second shot has him saying something else, possibly the first part of the line again.
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When Vince says 'I am not a wuss' to Rod, John Cleese in the background also mouths the line.
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The foam in Vince's champagne glass when he pours it and drinks it.
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Sponsor: [Rollo has been caught being kissed by Pip and Cub] Now I know why they keep him in a cage!
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Vince: How does he get three girls... where does the third one go?
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Vince McCain: Willa, can I ask you a question?
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Kate Alderton Cynthia Cleese