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Filthy Rich

30 min (15 episodes)
IMDB rate:
Nominated for Primetime Emmy.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1982-08-09
Dixie Carter
Carlotta Beck
Charles Frank
Stanley Beck
Jerry Hardin
Wild Bill Weschester
Michael Lombard
Marshall Beck
Nedra Volz
Winona 'Mother B' Beck
Ann Wedgeworth
Bootsie Weschester
Delta Burke
Kathleen Beck
Did you know?
Dixie Carter auditioned for the role of Bootsie Westchester, but she gave such an impressive audition that she was given the role of series heavy Carlotta Beck.
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Over the span of a year, CBS ordered two pilot episodes. The network ultimately opted not to pick up the show, but they broadcast the pilots as filler during the summer of 1982. To their surprise, the broadcasts topped the Neilsen Ratings. Sure that they had a hit on their hands, the network scrambled to find a place on the fall schedule for the show. Ultimately, they bumped Mama Malone (1984) off the schedule altogether (it would be another two years before that series finally debuted). Initially airing opposite a new series called Family Ties (1982), ratings for the subsequent episodes of "Filthy Rich" were dismal.
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The pilot "Filthy Rich" originally taped at The Burbank Studios (Warner Brothers Studio) with a studio audience. The sets were placed into storage at the studio. The set dressings (furniture, window treatments/drapery, rugs, dressing props) were "tagged HOLD for Hub Braden" in the Warner Brothers property department. Braden's tags became an issue with other outside decorators wanting to use the furniture. WB Property House Rules would not allow the furniture to be rented! After the pilot finally sold, the sets and set dressing/props were set up at the ABC TV (Prospect and Talmadge, Hollywood Studio lot) where more shows were taped, with a live audience.
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Carlotta: Were you aware, Marshall, that there is no valet parking at K-Mart?
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Wild Bill: Now, y'all don't let us interrupt. You just go right on with your conversation.
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Kathleen: I just had the most fantastic idea. I've decided to bust up the Westchester marriage.
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