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Final Destination 3

93 min | South Korea:86 min (cut)
Horror | Thriller
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James Wong
6 nominations
Country: Germany
Release Date: 2006-02-10
Filming Locations: Playland Amusement Park, Pacific National Exhibition Grounds, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Budget: $34,000,000
Opening Weekend: $19,173,094 (USA) (12 February 2006)
Gross: $54,098,051 (USA) (16 April 2006)
Agam Darshi
Agam Darshi
Final Destination 3
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Wendy Christensen
Ryan Merriman
Kevin Fischer
Kris Lemche
Ian McKinley
Alexz Johnson
Sam Easton
Frankie Cheeks
Jesse Moss
Jason Wise
Gina Holden
Carrie Dreyer
Texas Battle
Lewis Romero
Chelan Simmons
Ashley Freund
Crystal Lowe
Ashlyn Halperin
Amanda Crew
Julie Christensen
Maggie Ma
Ecstasia Sanders
Jody Racicot
Patrick Gallagher
Dylan Basu
Alberto Ghisi
Stuart Cowan
Launch Attendant
Harris Allan
Ride Attendant
Alexander Kalugin
Nels Lennarson
Jacob Rupp
R. David Stephens
Andrew Francis
Cory Monteith
Graham Andrews
Ben Franklin
Tony Morelli
Nesta Chapman
Dustin Milligan
Jim Shield
Paul Revere
Lou Bollo
Tow Truck Driver
Colby Johannson
Keith Dallas
Offensive Lineman
Michael Stewart
M-80 Boys
Victor Ayala
M-80 Boys
Tony Todd
Dylan Basile
Matt Ellis
Subway Performer
Did you know?
As in the first two movies in the series, the names of several characters are references to horror film makers. The characters "Wendy and Julie Christensen" are named after Benjamin Christensen, director of Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922); the character "Erin Ulmer" is named after Edgar G. Ulmer; the character "Lewis Romero" is an homage to the horror directors Herschell Gordon Lewis and George A. Romero; the character "Jason Robert Wise" is a reference to Robert Wise, director of The Haunting (1963); the character "Carrie Dreyer" is named after Carl Theodor Dreyer, director of Vampyr (1932); the character "Ashley Freund" is an homage to cinematographer/director Karl Freund and the character "Ashlyn Halperin" is named after Victor Halperin, director of White Zombie (1932).
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Much of the on-ride footage was filmed on the "Corkscrew" at Playland, part of the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada. The actual ride has an initial drop of 65ft and turns back around on itself before entering the double corkscrew, whilst the drop in the movie is 200ft, followed by a double corkscrew.
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Originally, the character Frankie Cheeks was not meant to die. Rather than being fatally struck from the back of the head by a spinning engine propeller as shown in the final film, he looks at his rear-view mirrors and narrowly escapes his supposed death himself with only a broken neck. He is then later arrested by police and is charged for indecent exposure, due to the police seeing his camera having photos of "too revealing" girls.
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The film is set in Pennsylvania, however the 'Build It' store prominently displays signage for Rona Home & Garden, a Canadian home improvement store.
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It is highly unlikely that two tanning beds would be in the same room together because people have to go naked or in a bikini.
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In the tanning bed room, when the temperature controller's display changes from 77 to 78¡F, it can be seen that the fan control switch on the lower left side is set to "On". This should normally have the fan (the one built into the wall, not in the tanning beds) running all the time. However, it is then shown how it turns on due to increased temperature in the room and makes the coat hanger wobble. The switch should be set to "Auto" if this were to happen.
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Carrie Dreyer: [Talking to Wendy about Kevin] I'm breaking up with him. A couple of weeks after graduation. I've been wanting to for a while. Don't tell anyone.
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Ian McKinley: Equal... in death's eyes? All of us? How can you say that? Dude, think it through: Charlie Manson, made it to 70, Osama, still kicking. Pimps, vice presidents, walking around, all the atrocities they've committed, they're alive and well. These two girls, never done shit to anybody, they don't get to make it to 18. Where's the fucking equality in that?
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Frankie Cheeks: [Frankie is recording Ashley and Ashlyn with his video camera] You guys are smoking hot!
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How much sex, violence, and profanity are in this movie?
For detailed information about the amounts and types of (a) sex and nudity, (b) violence and gore, (c) profanity, (d) alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and (e) frightening and intense scenes in this movie, consult the IMDb Parents Guide for this movie. The Parents Guide for Final Destination 3 can be found here.
Are there any cameos from the first and second "Destination" films in this film?
The voice of the devil outside the roller coaster ride and the voice on the PA system on the train at the end of the movie is Tony Todd who played William Bludworth in the first two films. However, no one else from either the first or second movies is in this one.
Why did Wendy duck when the fireworks went off behind her?
Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) ducked because the fireworks weren't meant to kill her, the cherry picker was. (Because of the McKinely T-Shirt Clue) When Ian blocked them, he unintentionally intervened for Wendy, causing himself to be next and was then killed.
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